(Left) & Other Stories Graphic Print Tee and Denim Mini Shorts (Right) & Other Stories Boxy Shoulder Denim Jacket, Sleeveless Tank Top, Denim Skirt and Zebra Pointy Slippers

(Left) & Other Stories Graphic Print Tee and Denim Mini Shorts (Right) & Other Stories Boxy Shoulder Denim Jacket, Sleeveless Tank Top, Denim Skirt and Zebra Pointy Slippers

Get ready to enjoy the rest of the summer in casual style. Looking for inspiration? & Other Stories unveils a recent lookbook called ‘In Search of Smiles’. The fashion shoot features relaxed ensembles full of breezy and comfortable pieces. From an airy maxi dress to a printed tee and frayed hem denim shorts, wear easy looks for the warm weather months.


& Other Stories Oversized Frill Dress& Other Stories Oversized Frill Dress& Other Stories Tiger Sweater& Other Stories Tiger Sweater
(Front) & Other Stories One Shoulder Top, Leo Trousers and Satin Pointy Slippers (Back) & Other Stories Pleated Sleeveless Dress(Front) & Other Stories One Shoulder Top, Leo Trousers and Satin Pointy Slippers(Back) & Other Stories Pleated Sleeveless Dress& Other Stories Graphic Print Tee, Round Frame Sunglasses and Denim Mini Shorts& Other Stories Graphic Print Tee and Raw Hem Jeans Shorts& Other Stories Leo Shirt, Raw Hem Jeans Shorts and Wide Brim Straw Hat& Other Stories Leo Shirt, Raw Hem Jeans Shorts and Wide Brim Straw Hat& Other Stories Graphic Print Tee, Round Frame Sunglasses and Denim Mini Shorts& Other Stories Graphic Print Tee, Round Frame Sunglasses and Denim Mini Shorts

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Did you know? Some countries have cash transaction limit these days, especially in Europe. So what is cash transaction limit? It means that there is a maximum amount of cash you can pay at the local stores.

‘For example; you want to purchase a Chanel bag in Italy and the retail price is €5000 euro. Italy has a cash transaction limit of €2999,99 euro, you cannot pay the full price in cash. You need to pay with other options like credit card.’

The cash transaction limit is a regulation or law set by the country’s government. The objective is to limit money laundry and terrorist financing activities.

From cash to digital

Use cash a payment is very popular, especially in Asia but also Germany. Cash provides privacy because no one can know where you’ve spent the money. However, cash can be risky. Imagine carrying 4000 euro on the street. Pickpockets might know that you’re tourist, it’s just less safe.

Nowadays using digital for payments has become the new normal. It also provides the government more control.

Europe cash transaction limit

France €1000 €10000*
Spain €2500 €15000
Netherlands No limits No limits
Germany No limits No limits
Belgium €3000 €3000
Greece €1500 €1500
United Kingdom No limits No limits
Italy €2999,99 €2999,99
Austria No limits No limits
Denmark No limits No limits
Hungary No limits No limits
Ireland No limits No limits
Luxembourg No limits No limits
Portugal €1000 €1000
Sweden No limits No limits

*In France, when the payment is more than €1000 in cash, then proof of identity is required.

Citizen vs Foreigners

Sometimes the rules are different for citizens and tourists (or people with permanent resident outside the country). Usually the law is less strict for tourists. For example, in France the cash transaction limit for citizen is €1000 euro while tourist can spend up to €10000 euro’s.

Special rules for tourists

Tourist can spend more in cash, but there are sometimes special regulations in place. Let’s get back to the France as an example. A tourist can spend up to 10.000 euro, but when the cash transfer is more than 1000 euro, they are required to show proof of identity.

List of other countries with cash transaction limits

United States *
Singapore No Limits No Limits
Singapore No Limits No Limits
Japan No Limits No Limits
Czech Republic 350000 CZK per day 350000 CZK per day
Switzerland 100000 CHF** 100000 CHF

*In the US, cash transactions excess of $10000 USD must be reported on CTR (currency transaction report),the indentity of the person as well as the source of the cash.

**In Switzerland, retailers are required to confirm ID and need to report cash transactions over 100000 CHF ($104000 USD) when they deem to be suspicious.

If you have more information about cash limit transaction or we’re missing something, let us know in the comment section so we can get this article up to date.

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Miami Swim Week 2017 is Happening Right Now


Miami Swim Week is the biggest swimwear fashion event in the world. This huge event is happening right now in Miami, with many designers waiting to show their new swimwear pieces. The event started on Thursday, July 20th and it will be going on until Wednesday. Miami Swim Week brings together the biggest and the most popular brands as well as not so popular ones, hoping to make a huge statement.

“Swim Week is the biggest platform for the swimwear industry in the U.S. It could be a chance to find the hottest new brand, or the chance to find a new distributor, a new contact, a press opportunity — it can be anything,” – says Cece Feinberg. She is the owner of the PR agency Cece Feinberg, that has been a part of the Miami Swim Week since 2004.

Miami Swim Week 2017 is Happening Right Now 4Photo Courtesy: Karli Evans

One of the most anticipated events during the Swim week is the Planet Fashion Swim Weekend. Other noticeable events include the Hammock and Cabana trade shows.

The Swim Show is happening for the 35th time this year and it is held at the Miami Beach Convention Center. This is the biggest platform that shows more than 2,500 brands and is visited by more than 3,000 people. The dates for the show are between July 22 and July 25.

Miami Swim Week 2017 is Happening Right Now7Photo Courtesy: fashionweekonline

During the Miami Swim Week, you will find swimsuits of all styles, sizes, and colors. There is a lot of diversity and you can easily find something within your budget. Designers from all over the world come to Miami to show their work. A lot of popular bloggers and influencers attend the events and cover them on social media. The week is full of parties, DJ sets, drinks, cocktails, and fun.

Miami Swim Week 2017 is Happening Right Now 4Photo Courtesy: Karli Evans

The biggest surprise for this year is Sports Illustrated. The brand presented their new swimsuit collection for the first time during Miami Swim Week. On Thursday night the company brought their newest designs and attractive models on the runway. A lot of other renowned brands are going to be a part of the Miami Swim Week, including Roberto Cavalli.

Miami Swim Week 2017 is Happening Right Now 4Photo Courtesy: Karli Evans

“The public can really get excited about seeing so many swimwear designers and swimsuits. And really they’ve taken swimsuits to another level. We’ve brought together emerging designers and then top brands like Roberto Cavalli,” said Celia Evans, who is an event planner for Planet Fashion Swim Weekend.

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The fashion house Chloe invented a few handbags that made a lot of woman addicted, starting with the recent Drew Bag and Faye Bag. And if we look back to one of the earlier designs that are still popular today, it’s the Chloe Marcie Bag. For the new season, the Marcie gets a little makeover; it’s now also available in boho-chic style. The Chloe Marcie Bag is classic, time-tested and still trending today.

The colors are sharper; the look is even more intriguing. Introducing the Chloe Marcie Bag with Tassel, but it’s not only the tassel that makes the difference.

With its round-shape, you can carry this bag cross body or on your shoulder. It’s perfect to match with your everyday outfit or other casual clothing’s. The latest Marcie Bag is embellished with topstitching (braided) around the front flap. The stitches are vivid and pops-out from the background. And together with the new tassel on the bottom, it is now officially a boho-chic handbag.

Made from calf leather, the interior will certainly not disappoint you. Move the front flap up and you will find a front pocket for instant access to your must-essentials. Then there is one large compartment to drop all your other stuff.

The latest Chloe Marcie Tassel Bag is simple yet beautiful. It can be worn in the weekends with just a denim jacket and comfortable loafers.

The mini size is measured 6.5’ x 7.4’ x 3.5’ (H x W x D) inches and is priced at $990 USD, €750 euro, £675 GBP, $1163 SGD, $1237 CAD, $988 AUD, $7220 HKD via MyTheresa.

You can find more styles via Farfetch and Forward by Elyse Walker.
















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Louis Vuitton x Kakao Novelty Collection

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Just when you thought you had enough of Louis Vuitton’s various collaborations, especially after recent launches with the likes of Fragment, Jeff Koons and Supreme, here’s a really cute one that no fan of the French luxury house should be without.

Not a real collaboration in the sense that there aren’t any RTW, bags or SLGs up for grabs, this collaboration is also only available at LV’s ongoing Volez, Voguez, Voyagez exhibition in Seoul. Fittingly, because it is in Korea, LV hooked up with Kakao Talk and released a couple of adorable novelty pieces that you know you want.

From a pack of 8 stickers (KRW36,000) to large A3 posters (KRW27,000each) featuring various Kakao Talk characters that are frolicking amongst LV’s trunks, there are also embroidered patches (KRW89,000) and embossed luggage tags (KRW245,000 each) for sale, much like the one above that features Ryan with his very own piece of LV luggage.

The bad news? You can only purchase these merchandise after you’ve visited the exhibition which is at Dongdaemun Design Plaza. The good news? You have until 27 August 2017 to make a trip into Seoul if you really want these fun collectibles. Or, beg any colleague/friend/relative who is making the trip soon, because once the exhibition’s over, they won’t be available anywhere anymore.

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Gracing the pages of Harper’s Bazaar US’ August 2017 issue, model Julia Van Os poses in fields of tulips. The brunette beauty poses for Daniel Rierain rich florals from the latest collections. From gowns to coats, fashion editor Joanna Hillmandresses Julia in the blooming designs of Gucci, Versace, Giorgio Armani and more.

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