The 1 "Little Thing" My Mom Does That Made All the Difference in My Life


When you're expecting your first child, the avalanche of parenting advice that rushes your way can be more than a little overwhelming. There are suggestions from friends, tips from family members, link after link of parenting stories online. And then, of course, there are all the pointers you pick up on your own — like, say, when I'm rewatching Friday Night Lights for the fourth time and I take note of Tami Taylor's friendly-but-not-your-best-friend approach to motherhood.

More than anything, of course, as I try to imagine myself as a mother, I look to my mom. I remember the way she tucked me in when I was little — the music box that played, the final words she said each night: "Love you infinity times infinity." I remember the notes she left in my lunchbox all the way through high school, the times she saved the day by just being there. Again and again, I've replayed scenes where she was more selfless than I'm afraid I'll ever be and more empathetic than, at times, I may have deserved. I remember feeling safe, always.

She's not perfect, of course — nobody is. She's usually late, she's the queen of terribly cheesy jokes, and sometimes she cares so deeply that I hesitate to share the tough things with her, afraid she'll panic for me. There's one thing, though, one quality of my mom's, that I'm vowing to pass on, and that's her relentless need to celebrate the little things.

Every time I got an A on an assignment, the paper made its way onto our refrigerator for the week. Whenever I scored a goal in my soccer games or won first place in a swim meet, I got to pick what we had for dinner. On each birthday, Mom woke me up by tiptoeing into my room, singing happy birthday, and handing me a small gift to open. There was the time she and my dad wore bright orange, homemade t-shirts to surprise me at the half-marathon finish line. Or the time she planned a surprise party for me . . . actually, make that three times. (The woman loves surprises.)

Sometimes I wonder where that heart of gold comes from. Maybe it's her Southern roots, or from a life lived in the kind Midwest, or maybe she took after the people who raised her. In any case, it's second nature to her, and the point is: she knows how to show love, and she does it. It's as simple and as difficult as that.

My mom lives across the country now, but still she finds ways to celebrate the special moments from afar. When I did an exciting celebrity interview, she sent flowers. When I got promoted, my favorite homemade sugar cookies showed up at the front door. And when my husband and I bought a house, she gave us a tiny Christmas ornament: a home with our last name written over the door.

I come from a huge family. My parents have five kids and six grandkids, and my mom's babysitting more often than not. Still, as big as the family has gotten, that's never diluted her love for any of us. There's always plenty to go around, and she makes sure we all feel it — not just on holidays or on birthdays or when the major milestones happen, but every day, in the smaller moments.

I hope I'll someday do the same. I'm definitely going to try.

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The Modern Way To Channel Rocker Style



Jackets lend unstudied edge to an off-duty outfit. T-shirts and button-downs are instantly elevated to badass territory when styled with statement boots.


Try the double-denim look for a cool effect—just be sure to choose two contrasting hues to add interest.


Temper a statement blazer with distressed, boyfriend-style jeans, or throw a jacket over a trendy-two piece

WEB-08052016_ZOEREPORT_LEVIS16603 (1)

Inspired by musicians from the '60s and '70s, vintage-era specs will impart a groovy vibe to your denim look.


A cropped long-sleeve top or of-the-moment bomber jacket pairs perfectly with figure-flattering, high-waisted jeans.

3-WEB-08052016_ZOEREPORT_LEVIS16813 (1)

Don't be afraid to experiment with proportions—mixing midriff-baring silhouettes with longline jackets adds rocker-like edge to a denim-infused outfit.


Viva la funk! Go bold with major texture in a faux-fur chubby or metallic jacket, which looks equally cool paired with classic blue jeans or cuffed selvedge denim.

 4-WEB-08052016_ZOEREPORT_LEVIS17353 (1)

Utilitarian ankle boots pair perfectly with fitted jeans, and are essential to nailing the rocker-inspired look.

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Luxe Label Louise et Cie Unveils a Premium Line of Footwear

Categories:Designer Shoes

This season, international accessories and footwear brand Louise et Cie is pleased to present its Fall 2016 footwear collection. Louise et Cie_Iron Derby Shoes_AED 550

The line is designed by Louise Camuto, designer and Chief Creative Officer of Camuto Group.

Louise et Cie_FLAT SHOE W TASSLE_AED 595

Created to embody both tradition and modernity, Louise et Cie includes versatile, classic pieces updated each season with chic new silhouettes and signature twists that balance élan and edge.

Louise et Cie_Black Derby Shoes_AED 550

Louise et Cie’s timeless designs are styled with a contemporary twist. Made with buttery leathers and supple suedes, all pieces are finished with fine detailing and premium hardware.

Louise et Cie_Black Heel Bootie_AED 775

Louise et Cie_Mary Jane High heel Shoes_AED 520

The collection’s range of polished, sophisticated designs are based on iconic silhouettes that include biker-chic motos, elegant equestrian styles, classic single-soles, and ultra-femme flattering heels.

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You Don't Need Much to Make These Halloween Costumes, Just a Really Cool Bag

Categories:Other Brands

There have been a handful of Halloweens where we've been ready to go, rocking our cutestzombie/baby/teddy bear getups, only to realize a little something: zombies/babies/teddy bears don't carry purses. Crap, we think to ourselves, shoving our makeup, phones, and wallets into our pockets (and the pockets of friends). We should have considered this beforehand, as in way before we picked out our looks.

So this year, we're doing just that and going a step further, too. Ahead you'll find some easy costumes that don't just pair well with your trusty ol' bag, they revolve around it, from Dora the Explorer to Mary Poppins. Now you can hold whatever junk, layers, and candy you don't mind carrying. Ahh, yes. Problem solved.

Dora the Explorer

Dora's must-have accessory? A purple backpack, which holds her map and other trusty traveling staples. Otherwise, she's just another chick in a monochrome look!

A Smiley Face

Trust us — this tote is so large, it'll distract from whatever else you've got on (but we'd stick with one color, such as black, so it really stands out).

A Smiley Face

Trust us — this tote is so large, it'll distract from whatever else you've got on (but we'd stick with one color, such as black, so it really stands out).

A Pokemon Trainer

Super easy and timely. Plus, this bag is a lunchbox, which means plenty of room for treats!

A Piano Player

Maybe pair it with a suit jacket. Now you're a classy piano player.

A Mail Person

Someone's got a letter from Karl Lagerfeld!

A Jazz Musician

A one-and-done kinda costume.

A Mermaid

Styled with a metallic dress or skirt, you'll look like you've just arrived from under the sea.

A Kiss


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Steve Madden party shoes!

Categories:Designer Shoes

steve madden

Make a statement this season with Steve Madden’s festive collection including tie up and embellished shoes. Pair with your favorite party frock for a chic look!

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Blake Lively’s Honest Opinion On Post-Baby Bodies Is So Relatable


Blake Lively Post-Baby Bodies 1000
Getty Images

Blake Lively is one relatable mama. Pregnant with her second child (and killing the style game), the actress is speaking out on the stigma of post-baby bodies in an incredibly relatable manner. Candidly discussing how she prepared for her role in The Shallows, Mrs. Ryan Reynolds said, “The struggle is that I am doing a movie in a bikini eight months after having a baby, and there is a level of insecurity and vanity that comes with that. You don’t want to be the person in the magazines that they are saying, ‘Ugh, look at her,’ rather than, ‘Wow, look at her.'”

Continuing, she said, “There shouldn’t be that negative ‘ugh’ after someone has a baby. Our body is so beautiful. You couldn’t walk a Victoria’s Secret runway but it’s beautiful in a completely different and incredible way, and I do wish I had the bravery to go out there and represent women as they actually look.”

Sure, most women aren’t shooting bikini-clad scenes soon after giving birth (or ever), but Blake makes a prudent point that there’s a distinct pressure to bounce back and appear as if nine months of pregnancy never happened, when really, bearing a child is one of the biggest physical triumphs a woman can achieve. The truth is, under the highly scrutinized microscope of Hollywood or not, most women embark upon the path of weight loss post-birth—some to simply return to a healthy weight and others with more extreme goals in mind—but society insists the return to pre-baby weight be seemingly instant. Though Blake feels she wasn’t brave enough to embrace a curvier shape for her movie role, her acknowledgment of said body pressure is commendable, and we hope it’s an opinion that will move the needle toward a more justifiable standard.

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