Following up her sister’s cover in March. Bella Hadid graces the September 2017 cover of Vogue Arabia. Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, the brunette appears on the magazine’s Arab and English covers. Bella wears a red Fendi dress in one image, and a leather jacket for the other. Inside the magazine, the 20-year-old sports a cropped, retro inspired coif. About her busy schedule, Bella tells the magazine, “I travel almost three days a week. So whatever that calculates into a year. I always order some kind of fried chicken. It never lets me down!” 

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Sweater And Skirt Outfit Ideas


Sweater Skirt Outfit Ideas Sweater and Skirt Outfit Ideas

Sweater and skirt outfit became the choice of many favorites to look cute in every season. Many different ways to blend sweater and skirt so that it becomes a very pretty outfit. For winter, autumn, and spring is a great time wearing sweaters. In order to look more feminine, you can integrate with your favorite dress or skirt. a variety of options ranging from the mini skirt, pleated skirt, midi skirt up to maxi skirt fits perfectly with sweaters. It all depends on you guys for your mix creation match. Below is a reference sweater and skirt outfit of your choice.

Sweater Skirt Midi Outfit Ideas Sweater and Skirt Outfit IdeasSweater Skirt Outfit Sweater and Skirt Outfit IdeasBest Sweater Skirt Outfit Ideas Sweater and Skirt Outfit IdeasPink Sweater and Skirt Outfit Ideas Sweater and Skirt Outfit IdeasPink Sweater Skirt Outfit Sweater and Skirt Outfit IdeasSweater and Maxi Skirt Outfit Ideas Sweater and Skirt Outfit IdeasSweater and Mini Skirt Outfit Ideas Sweater and Skirt Outfit Ideas

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Posing outdoors, model Elena Melnik embraces romantic pre-fall looks for the July 13th, 2017, issue of Grazia Italy. Photographed by Antonin Guidicci, the brunette looker dons a sheared hairstyle while embracing dreamy dresses and gowns. Stylist Tamara Gianoglio dresses Elena in the designs of Valentino, Blumarine and Ermnano Scervino amongst others.

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The Croisette Bag

Last year in May, Louis Vuitton introduced the Croisette Bag for the first time. It was an instant-hit and we received a lot of positive comments. The Croisette Bag is compact but has flawless functionalities. The design is chic with sophisticated detailing. It comes with a boho-chic tassel, but can be removed if you don’t like it. You can carry this bag for special events or match your casual chic outfit.

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The Metis Pochette Bag

But then a competitor arrived in November 2016; it’s the Louis Vuitton Metis Pochette Bag. This bag is bigger, but has the same functionalities like the Croisette Bag – both come with handle for hand carry and leather strap for shoulder carry. The Metis Pochette Bag has a rectangle shape and has more pockets and compartments than the Croisette Bag. While the Croisette is better for casual days or the weekends, the Pochette Metis is a better choice as a workbag or for the busy woman who needs to carry a lot of essentials everyday.

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The expansion of the Metis Pochette Bag line

If you look at what Louis Vuitton has done lately, the Metis Pochette bag has been extended from basic Monogram Canvas to Monogram Empreinte and other rare prints like the Monogram Reverse Canvas. The Monogram Empreinte is luxurious leather that changes the look to modern elegant.

The journey of the Croisette Bag was less exciting. Until today it’s only available in Damier Ebene Canvas or Damier Azur Canvas. So what does this mean? Is the Metis Pochette Bag more popular?

Which one is better?

I think each of them have their own style and use. The Croisette Bag is smaller in size and has less compartments but it’s nice to wear for the shopping days or at lunch meetings. The tassel is playful and will go well with simple casual outfit like jeans and tee’s

The Metis Pochette Bag is bigger and has lots of useful compartment. It’s ideal for work but can be carried in the weekends as well. It’s a practical bag especially when you need to carry a lot of essentials. The Metis Pochette in Reversed Monogram or Monogram Empreinte creates a different look for different occasions.

In terms of pricing, the Croisette Bag is slightly cheaper, it’s priced at $1590 USD in Canvas. The Pochette Metis Bag in canvas is priced at $1780 USD, but it’s also bigger.

In terms of sizes, the Croissette is measured 9.8′ x 6.7′ x 2.5′ inches (L x H x W) while the Pochette Metis is measured 9.8′ x 2.5′ x 3.5′ inches (L x H x W). So the length is the same, but the Pochette Metis is bigger in height and width because of the extra compartments.

What do you think? If you need to choose, which bag would you go for and why?

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(Left) & Other Stories Graphic Print Tee and Denim Mini Shorts (Right) & Other Stories Boxy Shoulder Denim Jacket, Sleeveless Tank Top, Denim Skirt and Zebra Pointy Slippers

(Left) & Other Stories Graphic Print Tee and Denim Mini Shorts (Right) & Other Stories Boxy Shoulder Denim Jacket, Sleeveless Tank Top, Denim Skirt and Zebra Pointy Slippers

Get ready to enjoy the rest of the summer in casual style. Looking for inspiration? & Other Stories unveils a recent lookbook called ‘In Search of Smiles’. The fashion shoot features relaxed ensembles full of breezy and comfortable pieces. From an airy maxi dress to a printed tee and frayed hem denim shorts, wear easy looks for the warm weather months.


& Other Stories Oversized Frill Dress& Other Stories Oversized Frill Dress& Other Stories Tiger Sweater& Other Stories Tiger Sweater
(Front) & Other Stories One Shoulder Top, Leo Trousers and Satin Pointy Slippers (Back) & Other Stories Pleated Sleeveless Dress(Front) & Other Stories One Shoulder Top, Leo Trousers and Satin Pointy Slippers(Back) & Other Stories Pleated Sleeveless Dress& Other Stories Graphic Print Tee, Round Frame Sunglasses and Denim Mini Shorts& Other Stories Graphic Print Tee and Raw Hem Jeans Shorts& Other Stories Leo Shirt, Raw Hem Jeans Shorts and Wide Brim Straw Hat& Other Stories Leo Shirt, Raw Hem Jeans Shorts and Wide Brim Straw Hat& Other Stories Graphic Print Tee, Round Frame Sunglasses and Denim Mini Shorts& Other Stories Graphic Print Tee, Round Frame Sunglasses and Denim Mini Shorts

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Did you know? Some countries have cash transaction limit these days, especially in Europe. So what is cash transaction limit? It means that there is a maximum amount of cash you can pay at the local stores.

‘For example; you want to purchase a Chanel bag in Italy and the retail price is €5000 euro. Italy has a cash transaction limit of €2999,99 euro, you cannot pay the full price in cash. You need to pay with other options like credit card.’

The cash transaction limit is a regulation or law set by the country’s government. The objective is to limit money laundry and terrorist financing activities.

From cash to digital

Use cash a payment is very popular, especially in Asia but also Germany. Cash provides privacy because no one can know where you’ve spent the money. However, cash can be risky. Imagine carrying 4000 euro on the street. Pickpockets might know that you’re tourist, it’s just less safe.

Nowadays using digital for payments has become the new normal. It also provides the government more control.

Europe cash transaction limit

France €1000 €10000*
Spain €2500 €15000
Netherlands No limits No limits
Germany No limits No limits
Belgium €3000 €3000
Greece €1500 €1500
United Kingdom No limits No limits
Italy €2999,99 €2999,99
Austria No limits No limits
Denmark No limits No limits
Hungary No limits No limits
Ireland No limits No limits
Luxembourg No limits No limits
Portugal €1000 €1000
Sweden No limits No limits

*In France, when the payment is more than €1000 in cash, then proof of identity is required.

Citizen vs Foreigners

Sometimes the rules are different for citizens and tourists (or people with permanent resident outside the country). Usually the law is less strict for tourists. For example, in France the cash transaction limit for citizen is €1000 euro while tourist can spend up to €10000 euro’s.

Special rules for tourists

Tourist can spend more in cash, but there are sometimes special regulations in place. Let’s get back to the France as an example. A tourist can spend up to 10.000 euro, but when the cash transfer is more than 1000 euro, they are required to show proof of identity.

List of other countries with cash transaction limits

United States *
Singapore No Limits No Limits
Singapore No Limits No Limits
Japan No Limits No Limits
Czech Republic 350000 CZK per day 350000 CZK per day
Switzerland 100000 CHF** 100000 CHF

*In the US, cash transactions excess of $10000 USD must be reported on CTR (currency transaction report),the indentity of the person as well as the source of the cash.

**In Switzerland, retailers are required to confirm ID and need to report cash transactions over 100000 CHF ($104000 USD) when they deem to be suspicious.

If you have more information about cash limit transaction or we’re missing something, let us know in the comment section so we can get this article up to date.

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