6 Reasons I've Decided to Break Up With My Skinny Jeans

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As a child, I vividly remember hating jeans. The nonstretchy, tight-around-your-ankle style of the early '90s would send me into a fit of red-faced rage, and I would beg my parents, even in the dead of Winter, "Please, can't I just wear a dress?!"

But years — and numerous pairs of Limited Too bell-bottoms — later, I found myself, once again, slipping into body-hugging pants: skinny jeans. It was 2005, and perhaps it was the fact that I prided myself on staying on top of trends. Maybe I was excited to add a new style to the mix. Or maybe my lifeguarding check was burning a hole in my Dooney & Bourke purse. Whatever the reason, the second I zipped those babies up, I was in love. I'd go on to rock my skinnies with a pair of pink ballet flats, feeling like the cutest little '00s teen to ever set foot in my high school.

My fashion story, however, does not have a happy ending. A few years ago, in the midst of a mirror-selfie phase, I realized something: I had started hating the way slim-fitting pants looked on me. Scrolling through my photos, my short legs seemed "stumpy." My hip area — a part of my body that I'm not very fond of — seemed highlighted and exaggerated. And despite opting for pairs with hints of spandex (read: practically jeggings), my legs always felt like they were suffocating. I couldn't wait to rip those pants off the moment I stepped inside my house.

So I splurged for some boyfriend jeans and, last Spring, embraced flares. Now in the midst of cleaning out my closet, I've come to the realization that the few pairs of skinny jeans I have left are wasting space. I'm giving them up for good this time. Read on for reasons you might want to do the same.

They're Not Exactly Healthy

Ever take off a pair of jeans and see marks left by the lining? As you probably could have guessed, that's not a good sign. Circulation issues, numbness, and even nerve damage can all be caused by skinny jeans — and those are some serious risks I'd rather not take.

This Style Doesn't Flatter Every Body Type

As I've mentioned before, I hate the way skinnies look on my body. If I'm not wearing shoes that give my five-foot height a boost, my short legs seem shorter. And while wide-leg styles such as flares balance out a curvier hip area, skinnies tend to highlight it — in an unflattering way — which is pretty much the opposite of what I want.

Boyfriend Jeans Are the Perfect Option to Reach For on Lazy Mornings

It's tempting to reach for joggers on mornings when I "just can't even," but the even better denim option is a pair of boyfriend jeans. I've found they're as comfy as a pair of PJs and will frequently search for options that are tighter toward the top — making my butt look good! — that then expand in the middle, letting my legs feel . . . free. The best part is, they look just as great with sneakers as they do with loafers, ballet flats, and a simple pair of pumps. For the past few years, these have consistently been my go-to.

Cropped Styles Are Great For the Transitional Season

Cropped jeans are right on trend, and the shorter, airy style works for Spring's tricky weather transition. Plus, it doesn't matter how tall you are: you can pair cropped styles with flats, and they'll still flatter your body. Olivia Palermo included cropped pants in her Nordstrom collabfor that sole reason.

Flares Will Show Off Your Curves Without Feeling Binding

Flares are frequently linked to the "boho" trend, but in reality, I've found they're much more versatile. Wear 'em with basic button-ups, graphic tees, or even something lacy or sheer — each time, these bottoms will add an element of fun to your look. As for ladies with short legs? You don't even have to visit a tailor. I always rock my flares with platforms, which pair well with the wider bottoms and give me some height without causing discomfort.

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