The 20 Best Under Bags of Pre-Fall 2016

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Wildfox Motel Dreamers SS 2016 Lookbook


Maggie Rawlins and Tiffany Keller are currently the most wanted fugitives in the fashion industry, who were last seen posing in the Wildfox Motel Dreamers spring/summer 2016 lookbook. Wildfox Couture’s latest lookbook features easy-going, casual-chic modern-day Thelma and Louise, whose free-spirited attitudes perfectly go hand in hand with Wildfox’s essential staples and the lookbook’s settings. Lensed by famed photographers Mark Hunter and Steven Meiers, the duo is a pure pleasure to watch in every single picture, overwhelming the onlookers with some cool, wanderlust vibes that are just romantically nostalgic.

Wildfox Motel Dreamers SS 2016 Lookbook

Last seen driving in a vintage Chevrolet, Rawlins and Keller are running errands along the Arizona/New Mexico border, sporting ironic graphic tees, lightweight bodices, cowgirl boots and, of course, a few pairs of Wildfox aviator sunglasses, which could be considered as the ultimate cowgirl summer essential, also being one of the summer 2016 eyewear trends. Patel pink hues, ombre touches of light blue and bright whites embellish most of the t-shirts and t-shirt dresses available in the collection, and are basically meant to be worn with the line-up’s androgynous denim jackets.

Although the majority of the pieces are either solid-colored or refined with ironic quotes, there are a few geometric patterns spotted as well that we bet could mostly intrigue those who can’t have enough of festival-inspired proposals. Other Coachella-approved ensembles include relaxed floor-length airy frocks, fringed short shorts, waistcoats and ponchos, as well as off-the-shoulder dresses with fruity prints, which exude some summery vibes, indeed. Seventies-inspired tunics, crop-tops and pencil skirts with asymmetric hems look like a well-served mix of both glamorous and cowgirl-inspired attitudes, giving us something to wear from daytime to nighttime.

Wildfox Motel Dreamers SS 2016 Lookbook

Wildfox Motel Dreamers SS 2016 Lookbook

Wildfox Motel Dreamers SS 2016 Lookbook

Rawlins and Keller keep collecting memories with some desert-inspired outfits, where billowy hats are the sole protagonists. Rife with skimpy tops, bell-bottom white trousers, airy jumpsuits, rompers and even more bodices, this Wildfox spring/summer 2016 collection is all about summer’s key pieces that are almost impossible to keep track of. As for the line-up’s protagonist, the black bodice with the ominous message ‘pretty good at bad decisions’ printed on it is just the writing in the wall that instantly confirms the rebellious spirits of Rawlins and Keller!

Co-created by two best friends, Wildfox is the perfect label for those who love chilling in the sun, wearing cool, fancy and cozy pieces, partying hard at night or just relaxing with friends, and this latest lookbook perfectly embodies the power of an everlasting friendship as well as that of an eternal, free-spirited youth. Season after season Wildfox is definitely mastering the whole ‘lookbook thing’, and we can’t wait to see what the label has in store for us next!

Wildfox Motel Dreamers SS 2016 Lookbook

Wildfox Motel Dreamers SS 2016 Lookbook

Wildfox Motel Dreamers SS 2016 Lookbook

Wildfox Motel Dreamers SS 2016 Lookbook

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Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2016 Bags

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We’ve have been completely overwhelmed by all the fabulous bags coming our way this season. Just in case you haven’t been following the instagram and the #PurseBopGoesToParis adventures, I have been investigating the latest bag styles just for YOU. Many of the styles I saw in France haven’t hit the US shelves yet, so you’ll be ahead of your shopping game when they’re released in the states. So far, I’ve taken an up close look at the Chanel Spring 2016 Patent Boy Bags and also did a thorough comparison of the Chloe Drew Bags.

Today, I’m here to share a sneak peek of Louis Vuitton’s new bags from the Spring/Summer 2016 collection. You’ll agree with me that some of these bags are true pieces of art!

Some Louis Vuitton SS16 bags are already available for purchase in the US. Others are expected to hit the shelves at the end of this month and early February.


The shopping crowd in the Louis Vuitton Mothership store in Paris


The Louis Vuitton SS16 collection has a very futuristic, sci-fi vibe that still honors LV’s traditional styles and structures. Nicolas Ghesquiere quoted that the sci-fi movie Tron was his basis of inspiration for this line. Some bags such as the Alma were adorned with large, shiny embellishments making them look more like techy machines rather than just simple handbags. Other bags I saw had large, almost cartoon like graphics playing up on the idea of computer generated, digital fun. More than anything, Ghesquiere’s experimental attitude is apparent in this collection. The handbag is taken out of its everyday context and turned into a high-tech fantasy.

The Mirrored Alma is a standout piece of the collection and immediately draws your eye. This is a bag that demands recognition for being unique, but it isn’t so out there and eccentric to the point of being impractical. The mirrored circles are very shiny and reflective, which adds a cool dimensionality to the bag especially when you’re carrying it.



Region Louis Vuitton Mirrored Alma
USA $5,500
Europe €3,800
VAT Refund (approx. 10%) - €380
Cost after VAT €3,420
USD Equivalent $3,726

Handbag Math…

Louis Vuitton Alma in United States: $5,500

Louis Vuitton Alma in France: €3,800

Total Price in US: $5,500 + $564 (tax 10.25%) = $6,064

Potential Savings in France: €3,800 – €380 (VAT refund 10%) = €3,420 = $3,726 USD equivalent (savings ~ 39%)

The Louis Vuitton City Steamer I saw at the Paris store was definitely one of the more understated pieces of the collection. The colorblocking of red, gold/tan, and black still makes a statement, but would be suitable for everyday wear.


This fabulous Louis Vuitton Twist bag is a perfect example of the very digital, graphic patterns featured in this collection. The chain print alludes to LV’s monogram, but with the freshness of the future.


I must say LV was not holding back on quirky, statement pieces in this collection! Each of these bags can speak for themselves and you may just find the perfect one to help your collection pop during the spring.

Keeping checking back to stay on top of the game for next season. have more Spring/Summer 2016 updates very soon!

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Chanel Satin Sandals
Style code: G31433
Price: €750 euro

Why is Chanel selling Sandals in the fall and winter seasons? To be honest, we do not know. But what we do know is that they’re dazzling and that you should get a pair for the spring and summer seasons.

You see, what is Chanel famous for? Classic Flap Bag, Pearls and Camilla flowers right? Well, you can find all these elements back into these shoes.


Sandals in Navy Blue and Burgundy, adorned with precious pearls (girls best friend after diamonds).


Chanel Lambskin Sandals
Style code: G31502
Price: €850 euro

And if you don’t like pearls, then you will certainly fall in love with Classic-Flap-Bag-inspired sandals, like this one…


Chanel Velvet Calfskin Sandals
Style code: G31486
Price: €560 euro

The Sandals in Camilla flowers are simple yet brilliant. Made in luxurious velvet to make it comfortable for your feet. Can you say no to that?


Chanel Lambskin Sandals
Style code: G31434
Price: €790 euro


Chanel Lambskin Sandals
Style code: G31463
Price: €690 euro









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Today, we’re going to give you Gucci’s take on Cruise 2016! Beautiful bags are up for grabs this time, and since Christmas is just around the corner, guess it’s about time you consider shopping for yourself too! If you could remember, we were able to give you a preview of the brand’s ad campaign. You can check out the link below for more deets. Droolworthy in every sense of the word, these bags are the ones to have anyday.

READ: Gucci Cruise 2016 Ad Campaign


Now, we’re talking! The Padlock bag is a quintessential piece that’s sure to earn you style points. Since we love this piece so much, we were able to feature it some weeks ago. Click on the link below to check it out for yourself!

READ: Gucci Padlock Shoulder Bag


Rawr says the Animalier bag! Let the antique feline head be your guide to greatness.


The Dionysus Arabesque is an exquisite piece that’s made for showing-off! With a GG supreme canvas and leather cut-outs, it’s no wonder that it’s gaining appreciation from lots of bag lovers.


The Lady Web is marvelous and stunning! Trimmed in Hibiscus Red, you’re never gonna look for anything else. It complements most outfits perfectly.


Reversibles are definitely on point! This GG Blooms Leather Tote is simply gorgeous, don’t you think?

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Gucci Menswear Cruise 2016 Lookbook

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The luxury Italian brand Gucci presents a new menswear Lookbook from its Cruise 2016 collection entitled “Something Unexpected“.

Gucci Men's Cruise 2016 Lookbook: knitwear, vintage-inspired rings and eyewear

Sporty street-inspired pieces mixed with fabulous casual retro style and ultra-modern accents of Italian tailoring, Gucci Men’s Cruise 2016 Collection Lookbook is dedicated to anticipate menswear wardrobethis autumn-winter season.

Gucci Men's Cruise 2016 Lookbook: retro-infused modern look

Gucci Men's Cruise 2016 Lookbook: street-inspired sportswear, bomber jacket, shorts & shoes

Gucci Men's Cruise 2016 Lookbook: casual everyday wear

The latest Lookbook collection of the luxury Italian house brings various lines of men’s off-duty apparels, from comfy effortless sweater and sweatshirt in black, navy or grey knitted fabrics with embroidered details at front, printed t-shirt in floral or sporty bomber jacket with serpent snake print design combined with relaxed Bermuda shorts in navy blue or beige while a pair of socks and classic loafers gives adorable retro mood.

Gucci Men's Cruise 2016 Lookbook: youthful cream-colored suit with hidden details

Gucci Men's Cruise 2016 Lookbook: tailored double-breasted velvet jacket in navy

The latest Gucci menswear Lookbook Cruise 2016 “Something Unexpected” also reveals casual yet elegant office inspirations. For gentlemen, of course you cannot miss the modern retro tailored suit in cream gentle fabrics or double-breasted jacket in navy velvet featuring modern Italian tailoring and luxe signature details of the house worn with light blue elegant shirt, knitted stripe necktie or charming floral bowtie while the men’s must-have designer accessories such as stylish eyewear and rings, bracelets or other precious vintage-inspired jewelries complete an eclectic and personal point of view.

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