Céline Sticks with Very Simple, Céline Soft Bags for Paris Fashion Week

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Presenting the Celine Fall/Winter Runway Bag Collection. A variety of bag styles were seen in the runway made of leather and suede materials. The colors used this season are mostly basics like Black, Blue, Red, White and Brown. Flap bags in different shapes are included in the collection. Rounded flap bags comes in shoulder straps with contrasting color, while square shaped flap bags comes in leather and thin chain straps. Belt bags and shoulder bags with knotted straps were also part of the collection.
A model walks the runway at Celine's fall-winter 2016 show wearing a long tunic and wide-legged trousers
A model walks the runway at Celine’s fall-winter 2016 show wearing a long tunic and wide-legged trousers
Celine’s Phoebe Philo was in a relaxed mood for the brand’s fall-winter 2016 collection. The designer featured slouchy staples including long vests, menswear shirts with defined collars and loose trousers. The looks are paired with a turtleneck or oversized sweater in serene hues of black, ivory, khaki and yellow.
When the Celine woman looks for some structure, a leather coat tied at the waist or fit and flare silhouette like the look modeled by Maartje Verhoef prevails. Finishing the look, strappy sandals and low heels that look like slippers at first glance are the footwear of choice. As for handbags, small satchels tie at the waist and envelope styles are options for fall.
A model walks the runway at Celine's fall-winter 2016 show wearing an oversized sweater and wide-legged trousers
A model walks the runway at Celine’s fall-winter 2016 show wearing an oversized sweater and wide-legged trousers
A model wears a look from Celine's fall-winter 2016 collection wearing a pleated dress layered over a sweater and trousers
A model wears a look from Celine’s fall-winter 2016 collection wearing a pleated dress layeredover a sweater and trousers
  “I came about it through wearing it,” saidPhoebe Philo. “It’s always that.” She was standing backstage going through the ritual—or is it torture?—of answering press questions. She was wearing a black boiled wool midi dress over a pair of white flared trousers. And that was it, really: the essence of the elongated fit and flare silhouette she showed in many variations for Fall. Oddly, it didn’t look like Fall, so much, though. There were walkable, practical leather sandals on bare feet, glimpsed through the slits in the kick-flared pants, plenty of sunshiny lemon yellow and sleeveless dresses, too. But do seasons matter these days? As another designer at the helm of a globally distributed brand remarked recently, “It’s always summer somewhere in the world where we’re selling.” But it seemed as if this collection was looking for what matters in a more fundamental way, too. This was a much more stripped-back, more utilitarian, go-with-the-flow Céline than we’ve been used to seeing. Though there were conceptual shapes—a big black tweed bubble of a top, which at first appeared to have only one armhole, led into a sequence of long shirts and tunics worn over the same shape of loose, very nice pants, with variations on khaki raincoats interspersed within them. The reiteration made it a more relaxed affair to watch—something to absorb at leisure rather than crane anxiously to keep up with. Quite deliberately so, it seems.
“It’s a busy world, and I find I have this idea of stillness with Céline,” Philo said, adding that designing, to her, is “a constant tussle.” Calming down the creative turmoil for a season seemed to give Céline the chance to re-own the template of shirts, well-cut trousers, and smart utility coats which Phoebe Philo established here to such success. Apart from the new bags—and there were many, some with soft, scarf-like knotted straps—it was good enough to allow customers to contemplate the strengths of the house.
Celine-Fall-Winter-2016-Bag-Runway-Bag-Collection-2 Celine is such a classic act when it comes to the world of handbags. Ever fashion-forward without sacrificing sophistication and functionality, this is why women all over the world adore the Celine bags. Always opting for bags with feminine touches and soft, muted colors, Celine bags are a perfect complement for women who wants to add style to their everyday look without sacrificing their own fashion sense. With more wearable bags being released by this fashion brand for each season, it’s no wonder that the Celine Fall Winter 2016 Bag Runway Collection kept making women obsessed with its wide array of beautiful hand bags. Take for example this soft-hued bag. Celine-Fall-Winter-2016-Bag-Runway-Bag-Collection It looks adorable in all its angles despite the fact that it is minimalist in design. This is perfect to take with you as you stroll along the park or go to that favorite coffee shop of yours to grab your daily shot of espresso. Celine-Fall-Winter-2016-Bag-Runway-Bag-Collection-9 Moving on to another design, this black bag from the Fall Winter 2016 Collection looks promising as it is polished and refined in its effortlessly elegant design. Celine-Fall-Winter-2016-Bag-Runway-Bag-Collection-3 Celine-Fall-Winter-2016-Bag-Runway-Bag-Collection-4

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Celine Trapeze Handbag in Pink Multicolour Pony Calfskin

I know exactly what you’ve on your mind, even I have to scratch my head three times and still, I do not understand. But it’s the way it is, the Celine Fall 2016 Bag Collection is published on the web, far too early from its actual release date and in the middle of our summer shopping spree-mode (This collection is certainly a game breaker).

My eyes dropped on the Celine Trapeze Bag in Pink Multi-colour (pssst… have you checked the Mini Trapeze yet?) and if you too, then I pray that you haven’t made any bag purchases recently or it’s like taking your first bite on your just-ordered banana cake, right at the same moment that the chef is presenting you his most delicious strawberry cake with chocolate cream.

And while we like and love the entire collection, we can’t lie that the first two bags we want to see are Celine ‘Luggage’ and ‘Trapeze’. The Classic Box is not bad either, in lovely pink, why didn’t they introduce that for the summer, the color is the perfect fit for this season.

The Celine Fall 2016 Collection prices are not announced yet, because it has yet to be released. But as soon as we know more, we will publish the prices at this post, like our Facebook page to be informed.


Celine Trapeze Handbag in Navy Blue Multicolour Calfskin


Celine Luggage Handbag in Orchid Multicolour Satin Calfskin


Celine Luggage Handbag in Light Copper Smooth Calfskin


Celine Luggage Handbag in Brick Multicolour Pony Calfskin


Celine Classic Handbag in Pink Box Calfskin


Celine Classic Box Handbag in Midnight Python


Celine Classic Box Handbag in Khaki Ostrich


Celine Tie Handbag in Brick Natural Calfskin


Celine Tie Handbag in Khaki Python


Celine Tie Handbag in Navy Blue Felt


Celine Bi Cabas Handbag in Orchid Smooth Lambskin


Celine Cabas Phantom Handbag in Brick Soft Grained Calfskin


Celine Edge Handbag in Orchid Multicolour Calfskin Satin


Celine Hobo Handbag in Brick Multicolour Smooth Calfskin


Celine Hobo Handbag Seashell Multicolour Smooth Calfskin


Celine Shoulder Bi-Cabas Handbag Metallic Blue Nappa Calfskin

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When you think about slippers, you think of three things; the summer, the beach and slippers you wear in the house. Slippers are also comfortable to wear on the street when the temperature hits 30 degrees.

But how about the normal days? How about at work? And how about the fall and the winter seasons, are these environments good enough to wear Slippers?

Well, Celine designed an elegant pair of slippers to wear for the casual-chic days. It’s actually perfect for work and should be as comfortable to wear as slippers.

The design is quite unusual, and maybe its also inspired by the shoes in medieval. Meet the Celine Babouche V Neck Slippers, crafted from soft lambskin and refined with a large buckle strap on the side to create a chic-effect.

For those that are interested, they’re also available in Woven Kidskin and in the color forest (dark green). The single colors (black)


The multicolor in woven kidskin

Ladies honestly, would you wear these?

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It’s showtime for two of our bags today, ladies – the Celine Ring Bag and Zara Graduated Bowling Bag. Just a disclaimer though, we’re not exactly battling-out pieces today for bag supremacy…instead, we just want to set out similarities and differences, and maybe (just maybe) be able to give you some clarity about possible alternatives. Well then, let’s start!

First of all, the Celine Ring Bag needs no introduction – it’s a classy piece made with only the finest skins available (goatskin, calfskin, crocodile, take your pick). Also, it comes in an array of colors to choose from – for the past seasons, this piece has been undergoing some welcome twists. It has a fine structure, pockets and side folds which expand to accommodate all of your stuff…for the price of around €1,800 EUR. Hmmm…we’ll see about that.

Next, the Zara Graduated Bowling Bag offers the same kind of functionality, but let’s just say that it falls short on the luxury appeal (like comparing a stone to a boulder) when it comes to the main materials used which is polyester and polyurethane. Depending on use and care, this bag may last you some time though. Also, it has that same outside pocket with the Ring Bag, which gives you more space for organization…for the price of around $70 USD. A far cry from the Celine Ring Bag, but well, it’s really up to you to decide.

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Celine is known for being subdued and understated with their designs – the brand chooses the ‘back to basics’ approach with most of their pieces…and not that we’re complaining. Of course, when you’re all dolled-up, sometimes all you need is a statement piece that’s not too statement piece-ish (you know, a simple clutch could do wonders). That’s where the Sailor Clutch Bag comes in, another soon-to-be favorite that’s definitely a keeper!

Measuring 6” x 5” x 3” inches, you shouldn’t underestimate this baby, which comes in two equally stunning variations. Choose between black suede calfskin and brick natural calfskin – either way, you’ll be getting more than your pretty penny’s worth!

Priced at €500 for the black suede calfskin and €600 for the brick natural calfskin, you can get your very own Sailor Clutch Bag now via Celine boutique.


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Celine girls, rejoice! If you’re constantly on the lookout for great pieces with a minimalist touch (yes, because that’s what the brand is known for), then the Ring Multifunction Clutch with Dragonne is for you! Stylish and elegant, this piece needs no introduction – it carries its own perfectly. This piece was made to measure-up to discriminating tastes, because if you’re talking about quality, then this is totally the real deal. Take that from us!

Measurng 26cm x 18cm (H x W), this handy clutch comes with a strap that’s great for hanging ‘round your wrists in true city girl fashion (or if you’d want to carry it the classic way, no problem!). Made with only the finest smooth calfskin leather, this design comes in two beautiful colors to choose from (Light Burgundy and Sea). Polish your outfit with this piece, and you’ll never go wrong.

You can get your very own Ring Multifunction Clutch with Dragonne for €620 EUR via Celine boutique.



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