Karl Lagerfeld Choupette the Cat Leather Shopper Tote

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Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Cerf Choupette Cat Tote

At first sight the Karl Lagerfeld Choupette Shopper Tote reminded me of my Chanel Cerf Bag. Design-wise the two handbags look very similar, but when you really sit down and compare, the Karl Lagerfeld bag has a more playful, youthful twist, and an affordable price tag. Safe bet, that was Karl Lagerfeld’s plan all along when the head designer and creative director of the fashion house Chanel (as well as the Italian house Fendi) set forth to create the Choupette Shopper Tote for his own fashion label. Contemporary tone to high-end looking handbag..

The Karl Lagerfeld Choupette Tote is all business on the outside, party on the inside. Designed with the lightly structured leather exterior, and an interior that is lined with a bold pop of color- black exterior tote is lined with coral leather and the creamy off-white putty exterior bag is lined with lipstick red. Then to top it off, Karl added a playful cat luggage tag- a reference to the designer’s beloved Choupette kitty- it adds a unique finish to a classic piece.

Check it out today. The Karl Lagerfeld Choupette the Cat Leather Shopper Tote is available here at NET-A-PORTER!


Karl Lagerfeld Designer Chanel Choupette the Cat Shopper Bag

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