Sophie Hulme Arrow Leather Clutch & Textured Leather Clutch

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sophie_hulme_arrow-leather-clutch-textured-leather-clutchBecause it’s 2-for-1-Friday right here on the blog (ok, I just made that up), today’s post features not one, but two leather clutches from British designer Sophie Hulme, who I’ve got a hunch is headed for some good things to come.

First up, the Arrow Leather Clutch that’s shaped almost like a square and measures 24 cm by 20 cm. Made up of smooth, stiff leather for that structured look, the front flap slips into the leather tab and comes adorned with Sophie’s gold-plated brass arrow plaque that’s well, very her.

Next we’ve got the Textured Leather Clutch, which uses a grained leather that’s a tad more relaxed. Again, the front flap that’s adorned with a long brass plaque this time slips into the tab, and measures 26 cm by 22 cm, a tad larger than the former.

Use them both as clutches, or as a sassy (do we still use this word in this day and age) shoulder bag, as both come with their own detachable (and adjustable) leather slings. What’s even better is both are pretty affordable; the Arrow Leather Clutch costs justGBP400, while the Texture Leather Clutch comes in at GBP440.

Check them both out over at Net-A-Porter, and while you’re there, check out Sophie’s signature Envelope Shoulder that now comes in a floral print for those into all things pretty. And there you go, the blog’s first 2-for-1-Friday.

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The Go-With-Anything Party Clutch

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The piece: Clare Vivier Gold Flat Pouch

Why we want it: You know how celebrities always seem to have just the perfect bag for every occasion? Well, we think we've found the perfect piece to give you that effect without having to hire a stylist. This Clare Vivier pouch has it all: room for your phone, wallet, and keys; a holiday sparkle without being too much; a sweet bow to add more detail; price tag under $200. And we love that you could toss it into your tote in the morning and just pull it out for a day-to-night party. What more could you ask for? (OK, having that stylist dress us every day sounds awesome, too).

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Edie Parker Maneki Neko Jean Beckoning Cat Acrylic Clutch

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An Interstellar Space Odyssey: MCM Roboter Robot Clutch

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Shoko for Meli Melo: The Dinosaur Clutch!

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The Givency Pandora Box Leather Clutch is the next best thing in the fashion industry! Elegantly polished, refined and luxurious, this clutch is an absolute perfection in all the right places which makes it a perfect accessory for any woman with a high-calibre fashion taste. Boasting of a 100% calfskin, this handbag is smooth and flawless.

One can run her fingers through it and feel that it is professionally and impeccably made. It also has a front flap with clasp closure making it ideal for any woman on-the-go. You can reach for that car key in less than 30 seconds if you’re in a hurry since it provides easy access.

Ladies will also love the idea that you can detach the metal chain shoulder strap if you feel clutching it with your bare hands. It also has the following dimensions: 11.5cm in height, 14.5 cm in width and 6cm in depth thus making it the next ideal holy grail of handbags.

It comes in two colors: black and nude. There’s a saying that once you go black, you’ll never go back and this might just truthfully apply to this Pandora Box Leather Clutch. It is perfection personified! The nude color on the other hand is quintessential of its kind. Priced at $1550 USD or €1150 euro






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