The 10 Iconic Bags Fashion Girls Would Kill to Own

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New It bags appear on our radar every season, but none of them quite compare to a real classic that you'll be able to sport years down the line. Some of these iconic bags have been around for decades, but they're still universally loved, and it doesn't seem like they'll go out of fashion anytime soon. They still grace the arms of celebrities, street style stars, and royals alike. If you're looking for a designer handbag that will stand the test of time, these bags are real investment pieces that you'll be able to pass on to your daughters or granddaughters. Well, at least that's what we're telling ourselves!

Chanel "2.55" Flap Bag

Coco Chanel created this practical shoulder-strap style in the 1920s as she was tired of having to carry her bag in her hands all the time. The original design consisted of the so-called mademoiselle lock. It was not until the 1980s that Karl Lagerfeld introduced the interlocking Cs as a closure.

Christian Dior "Lady Dior" Bag

While on a trip to Paris, Diana, Princess of Wales (aka Lady Di), fell in love with this bag. So much that it was named after her. The immediately recognisable design consists of four charms: the letters of the brand.

Louis Vuitton "Speedy" Bag

We hear your outcry, but think about it: the only reason why this iconic bag has been copied so much is because it is so popular. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Plus, if you're tired of seeing the monogram pattern, you can also sport the style in other materials and colours. The original brown canvas feels vintage and is also featured on bags in the latest runway shows. Talk about an updated classic!

Hermès "Birkin" Bag

If you want to get your hands on a "Birkin" bag, you need to conquer the waiting list first. The list of celebrities carrying this bag is just as exclusive: Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, andNaomi Campbell to name just a few. 

Saint Laurent "Y-Cabas" Bag

When the French house announced that "Yves" would be dropped from the brand's name, it almost immediately led to a rush on this classic style as many loyal fans feared the Y-clasp would disappear forever. Luckily, it didn't, so the icon status of this bag remains. 

Balenciaga "City" Bag

Celebrities have been carrying this bag since 2000. Kate Moss in particular loves the design — probably because the studs make this style much more rock 'n' roll than many other bags. 

Fendi "Baguette" Bag

Just like the French bread, you can easily carry this bag under your arm. This year, stars likeRihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker confessed their love for this iconic style by creating their own versions of the "Baguette."

Bottega Veneta "Intrecciato" Bag

Bottega Veneta is known for its collections of understated luxury. So don't expect to see any logos on this bag. But the interwoven leather still makes it immediately recognisable. 

Goyard "Saint Louis" Tote

Goyard was founded in 1853, one year before Louis Vuitton. Instead of a monogram, Goyard uses a distinctive chevron pattern, which was also admired by Coco Chanel.

The bamboo handles were developed by Gucci back in 1947. But what was initially supposed to be a material replacement in postwar times soon became a favourite among celebrities. While the original design of the bag has slightly been altered, its popularity remains unchanged.

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Top 5 Model Handbags Fashion Trends Fall 2014


For any brand which has been launched their new product in the four major Fashion Week, handbags will be the best way for them to establish business relationship with their customers. Since no matter any materials, nylon, leather or canvas, after more than 20 years luxury brand marketing stratedy, handbags has been become the luxury steeping stone for every woman. Every year, every luxury brand are scrambling to launch their new handbag and look forward to at least one of which become the “IT Bag”. Here, we take a list of top 5 model handbags fashion tend for Fall/winter 2014 Below. Take a view and you also can shop latest new lv bags 2014 for cheap at our site

1. Long Clutch Bag

Long Clutch Bag

Fashionable and stylish Clutch bag has been become very popular in any show or activitly and same as this season. But there is just a little different for the size, long clutch bag seems more popular this year. There are many of carry way, no matter for any way to carry your clutch bag, they also bring you a charming look in the red carpet.

2. Soft Clutch Bag

Soft Clutch Bag

Soft materials also make people like to touch, made in soft and comfortable materials, from Carven to Viktor Rolf, soft material makes the bag easy grasping, folding and squeezing pressure to highlighting the unusual texture.

3. Fashion-forward Shopping Bag

Fashion-forward Shopping Bag

Trust every women at least have one fashionable shopping bag in their clutch. And 2014 Fall/Winter Shopping bag has been made improvements by designers to make them unique.

4. Oversized Tote Bag

 Oversized Tote Bag

For those tall girls, a oversized tote bag always a perfect choice for travel. In 2014 Fall/Winter handbag fashion trend, Designers show offs some unusual bags bring some of new design.

5. Fashion Digital Package

 Fashion Digital Package

Digital accessories are 2014 winter very popular and hot products, especial for those young people.

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The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014


MaxMara Spring 2014 Handbag

Usually, I can count on Italy to give me at least one collection of Fashion handbags per season that hits me right in the heart. The Italians know their leather, and their Fashion Week is stocked with brands as well known for their Fashion bags as they are for anything. This time around, though, Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014 felt at times more like it was revisiting its greatest hits than charting new territory. I saw some new versions of existing bags that I loved, but I never got that new thing that flooded my brain with serotonin.

That’s not to say that there weren’t some accessories highlights – in fact, they were abundant. The new versions of the Fendi 2Jours were excellent, and the Prada face-painted bags are sure to become collectors’ items. Beyond that, there were lovely exotics in light colors galore, from Ferragamo to Versace. Even if the season wasn’t fully satisfying, there was plenty to love. Check out our picks for the best of the season below.

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