The Fendi Mini 3Jours Bag is Finally Available for Pre-Order

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If you’re a sucker for cutesy, animated designs, the Fendi Monster Backpack is the one for you! Truly a strong wolf in dyed sheep shearling fur, this backpack is about to rock your world with its unique design, quality material and amazing structure. Sometimes, the unconventional choice makes the most sense in fashion, and what a great way to spruce up any drab wardrobe than with this exciting piece?

The Fendi Monster Backpack makes a statement with its furry exterior, its leather trim and accents and top handles with eye-catching stud details. It has adjustable backstraps, so you could wear it as close to you (or as loose) as you would want. It even has a neat exterior front zip pocket, so you could have more room for your essentials. Truly a winner!

This bag is up for grabs at $3450 USD, or £2210 GBP, available via Bergdorf Goodman e-store.

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If you’ve been following us so far, you must have seen plenty of backpacks – with graphic print, smooth, extra small, with Teddy bear and also the elegant ones.

And in the category of the elegant ones include the Fendi Selleria Backpack.

If you REALLY need to purchase a backpack, look no further than this piece of art. You see, the Fendi Selleria Collection is quite famous; in fact it consists one of the most classic bags in the fashion world. And when you combine that with a backpack style…

The crocodile tale is amazingly creative, such a simple adjustment and it entirely changes the appearance. Have you seen a backpack with a croc tale like this before? No?

Because it’s simply, it can match almost everything in your wardrobe. And besides it’s very useful too for city trips or vacation. It features a large front flap, which makes the design slightly different than any other backpack out there.

Well, we’re not going to say too much, because we’ve already talked about this topic in depth.

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However, we needed you to see an insta-image to get a second opinion (in case you doubt its beauty).

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Help Me Decide Which Fendi Bag I Should Buy

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Which Fendi Bag Should I Get

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Fendi Mini Karlito for the Spring / Summer 2015 Collection

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The mini version of the Fendi Karlito Bag Charm is now available in stores. This limited edition piece retails for $1,150.00 (USD). The mini Karlito first came out in the Spring/Summer 2015 Runway show, while the original size came out for the Fall 2014 Collection. It comes in various colors like Blue, Red, Orange, Pink and Yellow.

Check out the size of the mini Karlito when attached to the bag:

Fendi Karlito Mini Bag Charms

Fendi Mini Karlito Bag Charms 1

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Fendi Mini Karlito Bag Charms 2

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Fendi Mini Karlito Bag Charms 3

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Fendi Mini Karlito Bag Charms 4

IG: shopkawaiijapan


Fendi Mini Karlito Bag Charms 5

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Fendi Spring Summer 2015 Ad Campaign

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Existed and in the ‘shopping spree’ mode. Take a look at Fendi Spring Summer 2015 Ad Campaign featuring irresistible handbags to feed our handbag obsession.



Let’s get straight to the point, these are Fendi Mini By The Way Leather Bag with shiny crocodile tale. The tales are embellished with large-and-small Swarovski stones, which create a luxurious effect. The By The Way Mini Bag is as beautiful and practical as the medium size.

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It’s not a photo camera and it’s not a 3D glass, but its Fendi’s latest Micro Monster Baguette Leather Handbag. It made with a facial expression including the eyes, hair and nose. You can hang this bag on the handles of the Fendi 3jours Tote or carry it as an evening clutch to help you start conversations. This bag is also available in exotic leather as well as normal leather.

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You’ve probably already guessed it, from the latest collection, it’s modernized and fresh, presenting the Fendi 3 Baguette Bag. The 3D logo signature ‘FF’ creates a modern look while the body is colored in single colors. While you can carry it with short handles, it is also an ideal accessory to flaunt in the evenings. This bag is available in different colors.

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