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For the Hermes lovers out there, you might have already run to multiple boutiques just to find this precious accessory. This mini obsess is not easy to find, but it’s worth every dime. The Hermes Kelly 20 Bag is the smallest size of the iconic Kelly Collection, which looks absolutely adorable n all the right angles!

One of Hermes’ best-selling bags of all time, the Kelly Bag is no wonder being reinvented in several sizes to fit everyone’s needs. With its sturdy single top handle and a detachable shoulder strap for easy shoulder and cross-body carrying, it’s no secret that the Kelly Bag is a favorite among bagaholics!

The Hermes Kelly 20 Bag on the other hand mostly appeals to women who’d like to own and keep a mini version of their go-to bag! This bag is perfect to bring around during formal events and evening occasions since it can carry your evening essentials! It’s just super cute and adorable. Even though the size is too small to become your everyday bag, you just want to have one in your wardrobe.


This tiny baby has the height of a laptop and its very small in width. Imagine carrying the Kelly 20 on your hand, which is a dream come true, don’t you think?

Measuring 16 x 20 x 10 cm (H x W x D). We do not have the prices yet, if you have any new information, please share them in the comment section.







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The Hermes Birkin – The Ultimate Holy Grail Bag

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As handbag lovers, we are always looking to build our collections and find bags that we simply love to no end. However, acquiring the perfect bags is no easy task , which often results in endless wish lists and bag fantasies. At the top of your long term wish list is the “Holy Grail Bag” or HGB. A Holy Grail Bag is a bag that you desire intensely and that is your “end all be all” bag, but is hard to attain. Over the past few years especially, the Hermes Birkin bag has come to be associated with the ultimate Holy Grail bag.  Undoubtedly, the Birkin is one the most well constructed and aesthetically pleasing bags in history. However, from an objective standpoint, the Birkin craze is indeed hard to grasp overall.

PurseBop asks WHY Birkin? How does the Birkin manage to become the ultimate HGB for almost every fashionista?

We can only speculate, but read the reasons below to find out why the Birkin effortlessly wins so many hearts…


1. The Birkin is the epitome of luxury

To many outside the handbag world, the word “Birkin” has more weight than “Hermes” because the bag itself is a huge icon. However, the Birkin was only able to become THE Birkin because it was an incredible Hermes’ masterpiece. Birkins are handmade and put through rigorous craftsmanship and quality control processes. Perfection is the main idea behind a Birkin, and it’s hard not to lust after something that is considered the best and incomparable to its peer.


2. The Birkin leaves us breathless

The very look of the Birkin defines the picture perfect dream bag for most. It is classic, but timelessly flattering and chic. The B’s clean silhouette, in combination with rich, vivid materials and colors, creates an effect of awe every time. The Birkin is easily a HGB because it makes an effective statement and fits our ideal expectations of a handbag.


3. We are consumed by the "Birkin Culture"

The Birkin has become the bag to strive for due to the influence of mass media. Many celebrities show their appreciation for the Birkin everyday, which creates an even bigger bandwagon effect. TV shows and songs portray the B as impossible to get. It is glamorized as the marker of everything good about living the luxury life.


4. The Birkin is a fashion unicorn - highly mysterious and intriguing

With limited availability and high price tags, getting a hold of an elusive B can sometimes seem more like a fairy tale than reality. Hermes maintains the image that the Birkin is a distantly beautiful, unattainable marvel. Learning about stock of a Birkin from an SA is a privileged or fateful opportunity. In addition, exact prices of bags are not directly available from the Hermes website or by phone. Without additional resources or in-person experience, getting a fuller idea of the significance of Birkin can be difficult. Being offered a Birkin and purchasing one makes you feel like you’ve discovered Hermes secret magic.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 6.42.20 AM

5. Winning the Birkin battle is an accomplisment within itself

Deciding on the perfect Birkin and the finding it can be a lengthy process, and sometimes a challenge you must persevere through. Researching the bags and developing a relationship with an SA is like gearing up for a game almost! Unfortunately, the Birkin game has high financial stakes, but low odds. Achieving victory with a Birkin doesn’t come without effort, and the bag itself is a marker for that.


6. We need the golden 'H' stamp

To some extent, owning a Birkin is seen as a status symbol of exclusivity. The Hermes logo itself is a factor, but the legacy and reputation of the bag is the biggest part of it’s appeal. Acquiring your HGB Birkin makes you feel lucky enough to represent a bag that so many fashionistas have beautifully pulled off in the past.


7. It's an investment!

Hermes Birkin bags hold their value spectacularly. On the second hand market, they tend to sell for even more due to preferred color and leather combinations being rare. The Birkin is on a lot of people’s HBG list because it seems like a smart, “can’t go wrong purchase”. Aside from monetary value, buying a quality bag that amps up your confidence and aesthetic is a long term investment. Having one amazing item that transforms your look and gives off the right impression better equips you to grow professionally, socially, and personally.


8. The Birkin is more than just a bag

All the aforementioned facts from the quality, to the popularity, to the stunning design, and even to the involved nature of choosing a B, help elevate the Birkin to a level beyond a simple “leather accessory”. Carrying a Birkin becomes an experience, and for some, the Birkin is an important aspect of their fashion lifestyle. The Birkin characterizes the essence of a Holy Grail Bag because it’s proven time and time again to live up to its impeccable reputation. Being able to experience the paragon of luxury through an exquisite handbag becomes a vision, goal, and dream for many fashionistas.


So, PurseBop must know: what is your HGB? Has the Birkin ever made it on your Holy Grail Bag list? Click HERE to answer and join the conversation BopTalk.

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What Goes Around Comes Around – Hermes Clemence Christine Bag

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Hermes Clemence Christine Bag

The Hermes Clemence Christine Bag is not one of the most popular Hermes handbags out there, but still a lovely sought after piece. What I love most about this bag is the large envelope style and rich navy blue hue. It’s definitely a statement bag, perfect for the up-coming spring summer nautical -esque season.

This particular Hermes Clemence Christine Bag is from the 1998 collection. It’s a previously owned bag for sale by What Goes Around Comes Around on ShopBop. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the resale brand WGACA, rest assured they are completely legit and much more safer and convenient than purchasing a vintage or used designer bag from eBay. You don’t have to worry about sketchy sellers or authenticity. Always authentic and high standards.

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The Hermes Constance Bags are not easy to chase – they’re on the list of the ‘most-wanted’ handbags in the world. So lock them up when you spot one.

But really, when it comes to Hermes, it’s not about the hype. It’s about the impeccable craftsmanship, the quality leather and the amazing process from assembling to the finishing. Did you know that it takes 14 hours to create a Hermes Constance Bag? Did you now that each bag is crafted by a single artisan?

Presenting the newest Hermes Silver Constance Bag that’s released in store now. If you’re lucky, the SA has one in stock. If not, you need to hunt in another boutique.

The shiny-effect is not only beautiful, but also luxurious. The timeless design features the stunning ‘H’ logo on the front flap. And it comes with a leather shoulder strap to carry on your shoulder or cross body.

The Hermes Silver Constance Bag is ideal to go from day to night. It’s glamorous when you pair it with a matching dress and pumps while traveling from city to city. And you will love it even more when carrying it in Paris, on a sunny day sitting on the terrace, sipping a glass of whine.


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The Apple Hermes Watch Gets More Colorful For Spring

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With only a few hours apart from one another, both Apple and Hermès hit the headlines with exciting news that will instantly make the fashion/tech enthusiasts rejoice. Starting from April 19th, the leather bands of the iconic Apple Hermes watches will not only be sold separately, but will also feature a wider range of colors, so you’ll have more chances to match your watch to your outfits. The Apple Watch gets more colorful than ever thanks to Hermès, which chose to add Bleu Paon, Bleu Saphir, Blanc and Feu (emerald green, navy blue, white and orange, accordingly) colors to its list, in addition to the already-available colors the tech-watch comes in (namely brown, gray, black, red and blue).

Apple Hermes Watch Spring 2016 Colors

At the same time, for the first time ever in the history of Apple, all the different Hermès leather bands will be sold separately at select Apple Stores, Hermès stores and on the brand’s websites.

The sizes of the bands vary per Apple Watch model size, and not all the colors will be available for both the 38 mm and the 42 mm models. They won’t, of course, be cheap either, as according to Apple Insider the standalone bands will retail for $340 for the Single Tour and $490 for the Double Tour. The iconic brown leather Hermès Cuff band, on the other hand, will cost a whopping $690.

If you are looking for a ‘cheaper’ iconic standalone band, and would like to just invest in one strap, we recommend buying the orange one, as this color is closer to and perfectly represents the French fashion house’s legacy. The standalone bands could also be great gifts you may want to give to any of your friends and/or family members, who already have the Apple watch (buying a standalone band is definitely cheaper that buying a whole set, as the starting price of the Hermès Apple Watch is still $1,100).

Although definitely not being the cheapest way to complete one’s outfit while also keeping all the daily schedules and messages on track, the new Hermès x Apple bands will surely add a fresh fashion touch to those who define themselves as dyed-in-the-wool Apple geeks. Apple has so far invested a lot into making its watch the most fashionable product of its line, and the strategy is bearing fruits indeed.

The brands began working on their partnership starting from last fall, and have since then attracted a lot of fashion and tech enthusiasts. News of purchasing any of the Apple Hermès watches online came earlier last January, and now as buying the bands separately is finally possible, the Hermès x Apple product sales will definitely increase.

Apple Hermes Watch Spring 2016 Colors

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The Paris Shopping Guide: Hermes

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I receive a lot of emails about shopping for various luxury items in Europe, so thought I’d finally get it together and put together a few posts. Today, I’ll address the most commonly asked about topic – shopping for Hermes items in Paris.

Even when the euro was at a high point against the dollar in 2011, it was still cheaper to purchase many luxury brands in Paris. Now, the weak euro in combination with a broader range of inventory available to “walk ins” means that Hermes remains as popular a destination for shoppers as ever.

Even though Hermes is one of the premier luxury brands in the world, the flagship store on Rue St. Honore Faubourg (FSH) as consistently mobbed, and can be a stressful experience for someone expecting a quieter shopping outing.  Here, in order, are my tips for a visitor to Paris who would like a successful visit to the store (whether success just means having fun, or leaving with a coveted item).


Hermes FSH

First, I’d suggest that you:

1. Enjoy the art of browsing and shopping. The Hermes flagship store is such a beautiful space, with multiple levels and areas to browse through jewelry, leather accessories, home goods, silks, and more. There are always pieces there which I’ve never found in my local store. My favorite shopping memories in Paris always involve stumbling across an item that I never expected but which I just love (my Soie Cool bag is an example). Even if you’re on a quest for a specific item, I’d still take the time on an initial visit just to wander around the shop a bit, and check out all of the goodies. If you love design, you can’t help but be inspired. And plus, you’ll never know what will strike you, and then you’ll have such a good story for friends who ask about the item – “I got it in Paris!”.

Okay, that’s all fair and good…but maybe you’re visiting Hermes for a specific reason, no? Maybe it’s for a popular style bag…and it begins with a B or K? In that case, I would advise you to:

2. Ask politely for what you want. Notice that I included the word “politely”. Because I have witnessed some very, very rude customer behavior while at FSH. Sometimes I’ve gone home and Googled photos of various dictators and their entourages because I’ve been fairly that I have just had an up close encounter. In these situations, I find myself silently hoping for a reverse Pretty Woman situation – put that bully in their place, French sales heroine/hero!

Anyway, as I’m sure you are all polite, kind people, here’s my advice when you encounter a friendly sales associate: ask for what you want. I receive a lot of emails about how to play the “game” at Hermes – what to buy, how much to spend, what to say. I won’t go as far to say that luxury brands don’t play these types of games, but I personally have never experienced it at FSH. I’ve never been pressured to buy anything that I haven’t asked for, and our sales associate has stopped many a sale in its tracks by providing me with her honest opinion.


Beautiful windows 

At the end of the day, Hermes is a luxury goods purveyor that specializes in…selling you items that you hopefully will want and treasure. So remember: you’re there to buy items that you’ll love. It’s a store, not a job interview.

Okay. So you’re in FSH, you decided you want a leather bag, and you don’t have a regular sales associate. You’re either in another part of the shop, or in the leather goods section. You ask someone for help. At this point, you either will be helped by that person, passed along with a sales associate specializing in leather goods, or asked to join:

3. The queue (cue ominous music). Yes, sometimes when you arrive at FSH, there will be a line. I would say 50% of the time when I visit, there’s a line in the leather goods (handbags) section. Just for the record, I’ve never seen a line at the other two stores – George V and Sevres. However, I typically am not in Paris during peak holiday/tourist seasons.

Yes, waiting in line is the pits. You expect to wait in line for the newest hipster brunch place, but usually not for a luxury goods shop. However, there are more customers than sales associates, so what can they do? Just remember that being asked to wait in line is not a personal insult towards you (I see a lot of first time visitors huffing and puffing that they have to wait with the rest of us plebes), and it’s just a necessary part of the buying process during peak times.

I’ll usually ask for our regular sales associate and/or make an appointment before we go, and in those cases, one can get around the line. But she isn’t always available, and in those cases I trot over to, and join the line. I usually am in flat shoes (because I’ve walked or taken the Metro over), and if I get tired or thirsty, I just ask someone for some tea or water. They’ll happily bring it over.

When you reach the front of the queue, follow my rule #2 above to ask politely for what you want. If it’s a special occasion or meaningful visit, by all mean let the sales associate know (but I’d recommend against making things up or telling elaborate tales of woe). And then, who knows what you will might end up with!


Hermes Kelly

Above is the very first Kelly bag, which came from yes – FSH in Paris. It was exactly what I wanted, and I hope that when you visit Hermes in Paris, you can leave with a wonderful souvenir as well. So when the time has come and you’re first in the queue, cross your fingers, and even if it’s bad news, always be pleasant. After all, even if you don’t leave with your coveted item right away, you never know what may come in the future. It never hurts to be kind, patient, and polite.

And my final step:

4. Please, enjoy Paris! I really feel regretful when I read emails from people who have spent their vacation in Paris chasing after an Hermes bag. Really, sometimes the stars align and everything works out, and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes you don’t leave with your dream item in a big orange bag. But really, you’re on a dream vacation! Go enjoy the food, see the sights, do some shopping and discover new boutiques. You’ll leave Paris with at the very least, a wonderful time, a full stomach, lovely memories and then if you do add a little orange box, it’ll just be the icing on top.

I hope this was helpful for some of you heading to Paris! I’ll try to add more of these posts in the future, and if you have any requests, feel free to leave in the comments or message me.

By the way: use these three links to find out directions, phone numbers, and hours to each of the three Hermes Paris shops. And don’t forget it to check on holidays!

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