Trend Alert: Fendi Intrecciato Selleria Bags

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Recently a new trend has started; not long ago, Fendi has announced their Selleria line in new Intrecciato material. And suddenly, Celebrities were popping from Hollywood, New York to London armed with this new bag. It’s a new addiction, spreading like a virus.

Material inspired by fur craftsmanship, constructed with interwoven leather stripes, the parts are cut by hand, shape is hand designed, the unique detailing is done by Fendi’s in-house experts and passionate masters, entirely hand-stitched. A bag that feels personalized, like your tailor-made business suit , it fits perfect.


Selected from the best raw-materials and all of the pieces have been checked and passed through the artisans examination to ensure the impeccable quality and the thickness, and to match with the color, the goal is to make the entire appearance look as one. This bag is available in three colours; red/white, black and brown, presented in a luxurious box and with unique letters signed by Silvia Venturini Fendi.


On Instagram, Rihanna had posted the arrival of her own Fendi Selleria Intreciato tote, Sarah Jessica Parker seems to be totally in love with her new Selleria Adele bag, and even Lady Gaga was spotted with hers while wearing modern sunglasses. And now, what do you think?

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