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Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Isn’t it a beauty?

Oh no!
I mean its name!
We are all aware that Chanel mapped the route to our hearts and cracked the girl codes, they know how put together a handbag, so beautiful that it instantly triggers our shopping spree. But did you know that Chanel is also fabulous and skilled at naming their products?
Now what does the chic-overly-fashion-obsessed-woman love the most? Diamond and CC, how about the Diamond CC Flap Bag (Tada!), it’s like magic.
But really, if you’ve never seen this bag, wouldn’t these two words (diamond and CC) make you wonder and curious. What is a Diamond CC Flap Bag?
Presenting the Chanel Diamond CC Flap Bag, again. Yes, it’s now a new bag, if you’ve been following us continuously (I hope you do, if not, please like our Facebook), then we have already informed you in full details about its release, design, colors, size and so on, even before it was available in store. The release date was in Fall 2013.
On March 26 2014 (to be exact), we wrote a review about the Chanel Fall Winter 2014 Collection and told you with lots of love and passion, that the Chanel Diamond CC Flap Bag is going to return. Chanel decided to give us another opportunity to snap this beauty, simply because it was a success.
Now that we’ve a real-life image of the Chanel Diamond CC Flap Bag, we have to admit that this picture looks so darn better than the model pictures that Chanel showed on their website. It’s like a gem, which is why it’s called a diamond bag.
This bag is… absolutely stunning, to-die-for and hello Mr. Lagerfeld, one please! And the details:
Chanel Diamond CC Flap Bag in Small Size
Style code: A67747
Chanel Diamond CC Flap Bag in Medium Size
Style code: A67748
Colors spotted: black, beige, blue and red.
Available at Chanel boutique or selfridges.
Please use the information as guidelines, the prices can be increased a little bit and Chanel might have changed the style code.

While some like heart-shaped candy or a dozen roses come Valentine’s Day, what I truly long for is Chanel…a searing hot pink Chanel. To show our love for you, we’ve teamed up FASHIONPHILE, the leading online reseller of pristine luxury bags, to bring you what every Snob dreams of – a rare, iridescent pink caviar leather mini flap bag (value: $4,750). This is the one of the hottest accessories out there, whether you’re looking at fashion glossies or street style sites. I’m not going to say that it’s better than having a date on February 14th, but you know…it probably is. Enter up to once a day until then following the guidelines below. Happy Valentine’s Day, Snobs!

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Lanvin Mini Rigid Bag in Croc Embossed Black for $1650 USD at Elyse Walker

Loyalty to a brand is a good thing, because it says a lot about the company. They deliver you the same positive experience over and over again, but then again, we should blind us from the opportunity outside our comfort zone.

As far as mini bags concerned, Lanvin got its own and the design is unique too. Beautified with a slide-lock closure, engraved with the brand’s signature: ‘Lanvin Paris’, oh you know how much we love everything from Paris.

Then the leather is luxurious – croc embossed calfskin with jacquard lining, meaning easy to clean, no need to give it milk and tuck before sleep (we mean to baby it of course) and extremely durable if you are as clumsy as I am.

It’s a well priced everyday bag and for as far as the design, it can hold shape, stand on the table if you want it too, with a generous sized space to store all your daily essentials when you are heading down town for a shopping spree.

Refined with Elaphe Carinata snakeskin on the front interior and adjustable shoulder strap, measuring 6.5’ x 4’ x 2’ (W x H x D) inches, for $1650 USD at Forward by Elyse Walker.



Lanvin Mini Rigid Bag in Croc Embossed Black for $1095 USD at Elyse Walker

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The Fendi Mini 3Jours Bag is Finally Available for Pre-Order

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Lanvin’s Mini Sugar is a somewhat old-school take on the current shoulder bag trend. However, unlike the classics from brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, the bag is unstructured and lacking the sleek lines and pop colors that characterize the bags that are ruling the market. Mini Sugar is instead rendered in Bordeaux suede calfskin with no embellishment beyond a simple quilted design and the gold Lanvin logo. The bag has a long gold metal strap with a leather insert for comfort.

The deceptively simple bag has something of a bohemian quality thanks to the unexpected color and unpretentious design. Pair this under the radar classic with a flowing skirt and sheer blouse for maximum femininity or with riding boots and a wrap dress for a romantic autumnal look. The LanvinMini Sugar bag is priced at $1,160

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Yesterday, we’ve featured a classic beauty in the form of Valentino Mini My Rockstud Shoulder Bag. It’s a beautiful piece to wear, whatever season or time. It also helps that it’s a Valentino, a luxury brand that’s known for craftsmanship and quality goods. And since it is downsized to perfection, it becomes on-point with the mini bag trend!

The Valentino Mini My Rockstud Shoulder Bag comes in a variety of colors to choose from. Based on the pics, we can see some deep reds and plums (very sexy!) which add a beautiful touch to any outfit. Sometimes, plain neutrals just couldn’t do the trick – a spectrum of bold, beautiful colors could make it all better. If you’re looking for a piece that will surely upgrade your style, then let the Mini My Rockstud do wonders.

You can get your very own Mini My Rockstud Shoulder bag via Valentino e-store.


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It’s a beautiful world and this is a beautiful bag. In the personal development world, they tell you to change your emotion when you’re not happy. ‘You can control your emotion!’

Yep, that might be true, but there is also a better way.

Whenever you are not happy, ‘go to BRAGMYBAG’, let your mind sink into the most gorgeous designer bags in the world and allow yourself to be totally obsessed so you forget all your worries and looking forward to hunt your next bag before the end of this year.

Life is short – might as well as focusing on the good things instead of the *** things.

Like this absolutely can’t-life-without Hermes Mini Constance Bag. I fell in love not only because of the style but also the mix of colors and leathers. It’s in beige, soft red and brown, featuring the one of the best things in life – the ‘H’ logo on the front.

While Constance handbags are not easy to find, at least you know what to hunt for. The leather is really soft and smooth and it comes with a long shoulder strap to carry cross body. It’s small but cute and it has the capacity to carry all your ‘must’ essentials, that’s enough to be obsessed right?

The Hermes Mini Constance Bag should be measured 18 x 15 x 4 (W x H x D) cm, we do not know the exact price, but it should be around 6200 – 6500 euro or 8000 – 8500 USD. Please check with the Hermes SA.

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