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We know all too well that Gucci is in the business of giving us only the best…and today, we’re getting some great stuff with the Gucci Padlock Shoulder Bag. The basic babes will love this classic piece – we’ve even featured this particular piece some weeks ago (which you all loved dearly). For more information about this piece, you can click on the link below!

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Today, we’re seeing some cool colors available (even a two-tone one that’s honestly TDF!). All the same, it features a key-lock closure, which keeps all of your valuables secure. It also has a sliding chain strap, allowing you to wear multiple looks with just one bag. We don’t know how Gucci manages to do it, but we’re happy!

What do you think about these colors? Measuring 8” x 5” x 3” inches (W x H x D), get your very own Gucci Padlock Leather Shoulder Bag now!

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Sometimes there are things that are too beautiful to be true. We know how much you adore the Classic Heroine Tote Bags (assuming that you appreciate the designs of Alexander McQueen), but this ‘Padlock’ Bag is evenly gorgeous.

First of all, we sourced the choices – the fashion brand has made this bag in ‘mini’ and ‘small’ size. Depending on your needs, they are both to-die-for, allow us to explain.

The Mini Croc Embossed Mini Padlock is very cute and chic at the same time. It’s heavily loaded in terms of design… like the skull charm with crystal detail and key accents. It also comes with a luggage tag and attached with keys. The skull charms and the keys are both in golden hardware, while the croc embossed leather is in black.

And for the refinement, the brand’s logo…Alexander McQueen has been printed on the top of the bag. The Alexander McQueen Croc Embossed Mini Padlock Bag is measured 8.25’ x 6’ x 4.5’ (W x H x D), priced at $1565 USD via Forward by Elyse Walker.




Pick the bigger size if you need more space, you will not be able to carry that many essentials for the mini version. Meet the Alexander McQueen Croc Embossed Small Padlock Bag, it has the same DNA as its little brother version, even the charm is in the same size, which looks smaller because this bag is larger. It also features a luggage tag and the Alexander McQueen logo on the top.


The Alexander McQueen Croc Embossed Small Padlock Bag is measured 12’ x 9’ x 7’ (L x H x W), priced at $1410 USD

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