Fall Handbag Trend: Saddle Bags by Rebecca Minkoff and Madewell

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This fall season is full of trends. Most are the “typical” trends that you see with the return of cooler weather, but there is one that really caught me off guard. It seems saddle bags are becoming popular again! This classic style has come and gone many times over the years, but one thing always remains the same — that distinctive saddle bag shape. It just feels strange seeing so many during the fall season. What I have seen so far though, has been pretty impressive. My favorites? The unlined styles! Nothing is better than an unlined saddle bag! Here are my top two picks (so far).

Madewell Woven Flap Saddle Bag in English Saddle 
Madewell Woven Flap Saddle Bag in English Saddle – $168
Madewell has been around forever. And yet, it seems to get overlooked a lot. This gorgeous saddle bag, however, is sure to make a Madewell lover out of anyone! I love the leather on this piece. It is smooth and soft, plus the color is just so rich. It really gives this bag a great vintage look! The unique toggle and drawstring closure is pretty cool too.

Available here at SHOPBOP

Rebecca Minkoff Studded Saddle Handbag in Sage 
Rebecca Minkoff Studded Saddle Bag in Sage – $295
Rebecca Minkoff is not really known for her saddle bags. Odd, considering there are several styles available from this designer. I really love this one because it has those lovely gold tone studs. They add a nice extra touch to this style. I also love the colors it comes in… black, putty, cherry, almond… and this beautiful light green called sage. Definitely go with the sage!

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Tory Burch Goes for a Heritage Look

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Tory Burch Saddalrina Large Saddle Bag

I doubt Tory Burch would be irritated to hear me say that hers is not a “heritage” brand by any stretch of the imagination. It hasn’t outfitted anyone for wars or saddled up any horses in its time, and that’s fine; not even billionaire Burch can go back in time and move back the birth of her brand by 100 years. Heritage is big business, though – high-end customers place tons of value on a brand’s history, and that’s probably why the brand new Tory Burch Saddalrina Large Saddle looks like it could be based on an archival bag from the brand’s imagined past.

Or, perhaps, from a brand like Coach’s actual past. The shape and finish of the leather remind me a lot of both the Coach bags my mom carried when I was a kid and the highly-prized classic Coach finds you can occasionally uncover in a vintage store. The long shoulder strap, the medium-tone gold hardware, the glossy-but-not-shiny finish of the leather – it’s all exactly right. Tory even did herself a favor and omitted her signature logo hardware, opting instead for a block T built into the bag’s turnlock closure. (Turnlock! Another classic Coach-esque thing.)

Coach doesn’t capitalize on interest in vintage-looking bags like this quite as ardently as it could, so, to be perfectly frank, I’m glad someone is. At Burch’s price point, this is what heritage looks like, and this bag does a great job pretending that it has a carefully cataloged predecessor from decades past sitting in an archive somewhere.

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