Saint Laurent Small Monogram Saint Laurent Envelope Wallet

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No, nothing new here, it’s just Saint Laurent’s Small Monogram Saint Laurent Envelope Wallet that has been around for a while. You know, the compact flapped wallet that’s great for days when you don’t want to carry much, with just 4 card slots and a main compartment for say, folded cash or receipts you need to hang on to.

What’s new (and so pretty) are the new colours it comes in, from Light Blue, Lipstick Fuchsia and Light Pink (top to bottom) that are now available in stores across Singapore.  Measuring just 13.5 cm by 9.5 cm, these 100% calf leather lovelies might just be the thing to perk up the interior of your drab work bag and bring a smile to your face when the going gets tough.

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Saint Laurent Fall 2016 RTW: La Collection de Paris


Eek! The Saint Laurent fall 2016 collection is beyond intriguing and even more beguiling but not what we would have expected at all. While thefirst part of the fall 2016 collection showcased in Los Angeles was definitely really good, the “La Collection de Paris” unveiled at the Hôtel de Sénecterre seems to have returned the creative director of the house, Hedi Slimane to the house’s couture roots and it appears at times like it’s a “Pretty Woman” situation gone. Dedicated to Slimane’s studio and atelier, all the 42 looks unveiled were handmade according to YSL’s couture techniques at the house’s newly restored ateliers. The show featured no music at all, but Bénédicte Ginestous announcing the looks’ numbers in English and French (he used to do this for the house from 1977 to 2002).

Saint Laurent Fall 2016 RTW: La Collection de Paris

Extremely thin models and black pumps with the dress combined with extreme slicked back hair and a little too much makeup lead to no other conclusion: Yves Saint Laurent finds inspirations in the ’80s. That is not to say there are no good outfits. On the contrary, while the beauty looks leave much to be desired, presenting bony severe looking women with extremely long limbs on the Paris Fashion Week runway, the pieces are often truly remarkable.

We love the high waists on the skinny pants, complete with front creases and matched with thick belts; there is everything to love about the warrior tops in reptile texture, while we begin to really appreciate the body contouring done through the thick belts throughout.

We cannot love the mini dresses with the strange flower sleeves or the Cruella De Ville scary shouldered coats, but that does not mean some of the other mini cut dresses with the sleeves long and short, the legs generally left mostly bare with a pair of pantyhose to accentuate their length, and all the other little things do not earn our adoration. Then again, that seems to have become the Saint Laurent go-to style these days.

While the clothing is lovely for the most part, other than the strange shoulders and the ballerina skirts, the 42 ensembles available have much to offer. The one thing that we have been paying major attention to is the footwear, those scrumptious pumps in every color available. We have the classic black ones that do not inspire much emotion, and then the reds that are all about the sensuality (bright and dark alike), while we also get to enjoy the same cuts in silver, gold, stark white, bright fuchsia, darker pink, buttercup yellow, midnight blue, gorgeous teal and more.

Pumps are a classic no matter what dress worn over on top, meaning that investing in a good pair from Saint Laurent will ensure you look amazing for quite some time yet. The pumps worn with dark, even black, panty hose with a sheer element to them certainly only elongate already long legs, making the ladies appear even taller than they are. The extremely thin nature of so many of these girls is worrisome though and we have to wonder about the latest BMI related laws meant for the French fashion industry, the one with the most slender females in town.

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Saint Laurent Holiday 2015 Platine Collection

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Platine, which is French for platinum, is also one of the key themes as far as Saint Laurent’s Holiday 2015 offerings are concerned, a welcome change from all those garish yellow golds and reds we can only take so much of on any given day, Christmas or not.

Featuring a palette of hues from silvery silvers to the palest of champagne golds, there are at least 4 different bags you can choose from to make this X’mas even more festive. First up (or top down, that is), the Classic Small Monogram Satchel in grained metallic leather that measures a wee 17 cm across. Featuring a suede interior, thisSGD2550 sling is also as compact as it gets, the one you wear across the body and party the night away.

Next up, the slightly larger (19 cm across to be exact) Classic Saint Laurent Front Flap Wallet (SGD1590) that features the house signature matelassé stitching on the exterior. Featuring card slots and pockets for both bills and receipts, it’s also one bag where you can actually remove the chain, turning it into a clutch for double-duty.


Another sling you could consider is the Classic Baby Monogram Saint Laurent Chain Bag, which also comes with a front flap. But unlike the previous one which has built-in wallet capabilities, this SGD2490 darling just features a grosgrain interior. Last but by no means least, the Classic Monogram Saint Laurent Clutch that measures almost 27 cm across. Priced at SGD1950, it’s finished with a pale gold YSL interlocking logo; it’s really a case of same but different as far as these 4 is concerned.

How do you decide then? Head down to any Saint Laurent boutique in Singapore (there’s one at Marina Bay Sands and another at ION Orchard) and try them on, of course.

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Saint Laurent Baby Duffle Tote in Black
Size: 23cm x 14cm x 10cm (W x H x D)
Price: $1,650 USD or €1,150 EUR

The New Saint Laurent Duffle Bag is another stunner that’s out to give any outfit some lovin’! This new take on the original design is definitely a winner when it comes to craftsmanship and functionality – it’s body-friendly and super versatile, too! If you’re looking for fresh bag ideas, then may we suggest this emerging piece? Surely, you’ll want to wear this everyday!

When it comes to the new design, you would notice that it is zipped and that it has a large chain and luggage tag in front, as well as a front zip. More of the metal, you’d say, and other fine elements which definitely add more to the then-super minimalist (original) design. Not that we’re complaining, in fact we love it!





Saint Laurent “Duffle 6” Tote in Large
Size: 29cm x 17cm x 15cm (W x H x D)
Price: $1,990 USD or €1,490 EUR


Saint Laurent “Duffle 6” Tote in Medium
Size: 23cm x 20cm x 10cm (W x H x D)
Price: $1,490 USD or €990 EUR


Saint Laurent Baby Duffle Tote in Red
Size: 23cm x 14cm x 10cm (W x H x D)
Price: $1,650 USD or €1,150 EUR

Get your very own Saint Laurent Duffle Bag now via Farfetch.

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Saint Laurent F/W15 Punk Chain Bag Collection

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Not to be confused with punk, which is described as ‘a loud, fast-moving, and aggressive form of rock music, popular in the late 1970s’, Hedi Slimane’s Punk Saint Laurent was created in Los Angeles (where he is based) and complies with all the codes of punk as he interprets it into his bags, which were first presented in his F/W15 collection in Paris.

Sporting everything from tulle to chains, charms and padlocks, the devil is quite literally in the details, with little skeletons (no, not creepy at all), hanging from said bags. And it’s a edgy yet fun collection, the charms clinking ever so slightly as you move from point to point while slung either over your shoulder or across the body.

Available in at least 3 variations, the first one (shown above) features 100% goatskin, measures some 18 cm across by 10 cm and is officially referred to as the Classic Baby Monogram Saint Laurent Punk Chain Bag.


Priced at SGD2790, it’s the same price as the one that comes embellished with tulle that goes around the sides and the bottom, a punk ballerina of sorts if you would. Sized the same as the one without the tulle, it’s also a tad more fun, with the addition of a tulle pom-pom and some other bits and bobs.


If you are loving the vibe of it all but want something more sensibly-sized, there’s this, the Classic Medium Monogram Saint Laurent Punk Chain Bag, which is just as fun but bigger. Measuring 23 cm across by some 16 cm, it sports the same charms albeit on a larger frame with a sling that can either be worn long or doubled for a closer fit against the body. Priced at SGD4090, you’ll find this, along with the other pair ofClassic Baby bags now at Saint Laurent’s new home at ION Orchard, a shrine of chrome, marble and mirrors that you should check out either way.

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Saint Laurent Classic Baby Monogram Chain Bag

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saint_laurent_classic-baby-monogram-chain-bagFor a bag whose name is a mouthful (and then some) it’s certainly a tiny one, spanning just 17.5 cm across. Made of supple soft lambskin leather (which would also explain the curves on this baby), she would be the perfect weekend companion when you need to be hands-free; just slap on your basic jeans and tee ensemble, slip on your heels and you’re good to go. With the bag in tow, of course, slung across the body where it should comfortably fit any girl’s 3 most important essentials: gloss, cards and of course, her mobile phone.

Priced from between SGD2290 and SGD2490 (there are a couple more variants than the ones that come in lambskin), there’s really much to love about this little wonder, what with her slinky gold chain, oversized YSL logo and of course her adorable bumpy bottom.

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