Anya Hindmarch Ebenezer Grosgrain Tote

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anya_hindmarch_ebenezer-grosgrain-toteIt warms my heart when I see bags like these, because I feel that most brands these days take themselves too seriously. Sure there’s nothing wrong with trying to beat your competitor with the next minimalist wonder that uses even better quality leather than the other brand, but it takes guts to be quirky, a little mad even and yes, whimsical.

Take the P/F13 Anya Hindmarch Ebenezer Grosgrain Tote, for example. Besides being lightweight and roomy, the exterior is a composition of grosgrain ribbons stitched together, a material that’s more frequently associated with home-craft projects and shoelaces.

Available in 3 different colours (Blue, Burgundy and Dark Holly), it costs GBP450 each. You can either order online via Anya Hindmarch, or pre-order at their boutique within Takashimaya Department Store. Topped off with a pair of calf leather handles, it’s graphic, it’s gradient (well, almost, since it features 3 different hues on each tote) and it’s great. Great fun, great for play and great for the beach too.

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Karl Lagerfeld Choupette the Cat Leather Shopper Tote

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Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Cerf Choupette Cat Tote

At first sight the Karl Lagerfeld Choupette Shopper Tote reminded me of my Chanel Cerf Bag. Design-wise the two handbags look very similar, but when you really sit down and compare, the Karl Lagerfeld bag has a more playful, youthful twist, and an affordable price tag. Safe bet, that was Karl Lagerfeld’s plan all along when the head designer and creative director of the fashion house Chanel (as well as the Italian house Fendi) set forth to create the Choupette Shopper Tote for his own fashion label. Contemporary tone to high-end looking handbag..

The Karl Lagerfeld Choupette Tote is all business on the outside, party on the inside. Designed with the lightly structured leather exterior, and an interior that is lined with a bold pop of color- black exterior tote is lined with coral leather and the creamy off-white putty exterior bag is lined with lipstick red. Then to top it off, Karl added a playful cat luggage tag- a reference to the designer’s beloved Choupette kitty- it adds a unique finish to a classic piece.

Check it out today. The Karl Lagerfeld Choupette the Cat Leather Shopper Tote is available here at NET-A-PORTER!


Karl Lagerfeld Designer Chanel Choupette the Cat Shopper Bag

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Winter cotton tote bags Prada

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(Prada)Launched the autumn and winter tote bag, use quilted lambskin with double leather handles and adjustable removable shoulder strap, provide a variety of portable shoulder diagonal with a way. Leather lining, zipper pull together, with one outer pocket and two zippered pockets, full functionality. Stainless steel hardware and triangle metal logo create exquisite detail.



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Burberry Signature Leather Grain Leather Tote

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burberry_signature-leather-grain-leather-toteI’ll be the first to admit this isn’t exactly the kind of bag that sets my heart ablaze, but bear with me and you should be able to figure it out when we get to the end of this post.

Known simply as the Signature Leather Grain Leather Tote that’s from Burberry’s F/W14 collection, it’s definitely a tad masculine even though it’s from the womens collection, what with its deep dark hues, the grained leather body and the robust, almost bulky shape. Measuring some 37 cm across by 35 cm in height, there are also touches that a woman can appreciate, from its gold zip detailing going down the sides to the bevelled leather tabs that add that bit of of va-va-voom this tote definitely needs.

So why am I covering this today? Because I’m sick and tired of seeing beautifully-garbed OLs rushing from work to gym carrying the most hideous of workout bags. From faded (and worn) backpacks to thin cotton totes bulging with their contents to fabric laundry bags nicked from hotels, I’ve seen them all and it’s not a pretty sight.

In other words, do yourself a favour and get yourself this tote that’s not too girly-girl, something that will go well with any smart corporate wardrobe and won’t look out of place at the office either. Priced at SGD2975 and now available online via Burberry, it won’t matter even if you don’t buy this exact bag, but consider something along these lines that looks sharp and functions well. Because you’ll also be doing my eyes a great favour as well.

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Gucci Soho Tote Bags

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The Soho Bags have always been a part of Gucci’s Classic Collection. Who doesn’t remember the Soho Disco Bag, its name inspires night-outs – with compact size and go-to-ease.

Now Gucci introduces the Soho Tote Bag – it’s like the disco but then much bigger and practical without sacrificing style. The large interlocking GG logo crafted on the front makes it timeless, it begs to be worn season and season again. Embellished with a leather tassel, it comes with a chain strap for shoulder carry. Its flexible and the size is perfect for carrying all your personal items and so much more.

Made in Italy, the leather tassel can be removed whenever you wish to. It closes with an inside hook closure, built from natural cotton linen lining inside and made from light gold hardware.

It’s available in light pink, red, white, black, patented, brown and more. Measuring 15’ x 10.6’ x 5.5’ (W x H x D), 


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Jennifer Lawrence returns for the Spring Summer 2016 Ad Campaign featuring the brand-new Diorever Bag.

The new Diorever bag has just been released and it’s comparable to the Diorama Bag but then in a tote-bag version. As you can see on Diorever’s front, it’s made with crest-shape closure, exactly the same as on the Diorama Bag.

READ: Everything About The Diorever Tote Bag

Besides the Diorever bag, the fashion house also presents Diorama Bags in red and silver hardware. Really nice, but what do you think?










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