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If there is an award for the finest fiery red flowery signature bag, then without a doubt and without blinking our eyes, we will definitely hand out the award to Valentino for its Mini Lock Flower Bag.

The flower power game is strong with this Valentino bag. We are loving the meticulous manner of which the leather beaded flower patches were placed side by side. The added golden studs and golden metal chains on the other hand created a perfect balance so that the bag might not look too overpowering with its floral design.

The red color is also another reason to fall in love with this bag. A bold and classy fashion statement, this Mini Lock Flower Bag is the perfect go-to bag for romantic dinners. Pair it with your clean and crisp white dress and you’ll absolutely look divine.

It measures 12’ x 17’ x 6 (H x W x D) cm.



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Butterfly Backpacks by Valentino and Givenchy

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Whenever my nieces come for a visit I look forward to taking them to the Woodland Park Zoo here in Seattle. One of my favorite exhibits that I use to always look forward to was the butterfly exhibit. Imagine this grand greenhouse filled with tropical plants and the most gorgeous array of fluttering butterflies, and if you were lucky, they would come and land on you. It was such a great experience! So as you can imagine, how bummed everyone was when they decided to close the exhibit a couple years ago. Even with the butterfly exhibit gone, those memories are near. So when I saw these butterfly themed backpacks by Valentino and Givenchy I couldn’t be more thrilled that the butterfly handbag trend is still alive and well.

You don’t have to be school aged to rock a backpack. On-the-go style is always in fashion. Two styles, on-point with the butterfly trend come from two different Luxury Fashion Houses, Valentino and Givenchy.

Valentino Camubutterfly Nylon Backpack 
Valentino Camubutterfly Nylon Backpack- $2345
A bold, whimsical butterfly motif enlivens a classic design of silky nylon, its solid leather trim detailed with Valentino’s signature pyramid studs and its leather straps lightly padded for added comfort. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue 

Givenchy Floral Butterfly Nylon Backpack 
Givenchy Floral Butterfly Nylon Backpack- $1320
Relaxed in soft nylon yet bold in styling, this chic backpack features a floral butterfly motif in an array of muted hues, all finished with signature Givenchy logo lettering. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue

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Valentino Spring Runway Bag Collection Part 2

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Valentino Spring 2015 Runway Bag Collection. There are simply too many pictures, we couldn’t pack them all into one post.

That’s why yesterday is Valentino Spring 2015 Runway Bag Collection Part 1. Today we present to you, part 2.

I love Valentino because they invent. It’s not that they have one specific style or icon and embedded it to every bag they design. Their handbags are inspired by ‘art’ around the world, this we can relate in their ad campaigns.

Some design are noisy, others are simpler yet all are design by heart. And there is certainly one that suits your taste.

Now, allow us to highlight a few handbags.


First is this lavish bucket bag. It looks more precious than the one form the Cruise 2015 Collection, the Garavani Bucket Bag. Painted in orange, refined in golden hardware, spacious as it is, carry it in all season.

For this season, Valentino has been gentle. I mean, where are the famous studs, the one thing that this brand can beautifully make like no other.


But anyways, if you’re looking for a grown-up tote bag, one that’s perfect for work as well as everyday. One that is not overly girly, but still gorgeous, take a look at this. It comes with a large tag and it can carry all your business stuff like documents, laptop and so on.


Before we leave you with the pictures, here’s one more review. Valentino shows you how to use the hole on the closure – wrap an artful scarf in it and let the wind blow it. Fashion at its best.


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Yesterday, we’ve featured a classic beauty in the form of Valentino Mini My Rockstud Shoulder Bag. It’s a beautiful piece to wear, whatever season or time. It also helps that it’s a Valentino, a luxury brand that’s known for craftsmanship and quality goods. And since it is downsized to perfection, it becomes on-point with the mini bag trend!

The Valentino Mini My Rockstud Shoulder Bag comes in a variety of colors to choose from. Based on the pics, we can see some deep reds and plums (very sexy!) which add a beautiful touch to any outfit. Sometimes, plain neutrals just couldn’t do the trick – a spectrum of bold, beautiful colors could make it all better. If you’re looking for a piece that will surely upgrade your style, then let the Mini My Rockstud do wonders.

You can get your very own Mini My Rockstud Shoulder bag via Valentino e-store.


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This week we’re lusting over Valentino’s fun and flirty nappa leather confection. Featuring a multicolored, striped exterior and gold hardware, this bag is for the girl who likes to have some fun with her accessories. The sweet bag is perfect for daytime outings as well as for glamorous evenings.

The brightly colored nappa leather stripes add some character to a simple design while the gold hardware and subtle pyramid studs add some cool girl style to the bag. We can imagine style icons like Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo sporting this with simple separates like jeans and a white shirt or a neutral shirt-dress.
Priced at $ 3,445, the bag can be purchased here.

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It’s here! At last, we’re given a preview of one of the most awaited pieces under the Valentino Cosmo Collection – and it’s a beauty! Presenting the Cosmos Butterfly Shoulder Bag, another statement piece that’s sure to turn heads everywhere you go. If you’re up for everything mystical and luxe, then this is the bag you’re looking for.

Some weeks ago, we’ve featured this bag (along with other members of the Cosmo collection). Take a look at the link below for more info about prices (and other pieces).

READ: Valentino Cosmo Bag Collection

This bag is all about dark neutrals and gold hardware, and as you can see, there’s a gold butterfly detailing in front which melds beautifully with the deep blue background. See these creatures come to life with every piece! Do you feel it now?

You can get your very own Cosmo Butterfly Shoulder Bag via Valentino e-store. If you want to channel an ethereal and dark look, then get yourself one of these!

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