Must Have Handbags For Spring

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Here are five things you need to know when it comes to updating your handbag game for Spring:
  1. Bucket bags are on the rise. This sportier, cinched-up silhouette is the perfect everyday bag.
  2. It may be time to refresh your go-to brown bag. This rich and classic color is a must in any handbag collection.
  3. Totes are still important. Go with something woven, printed, or completely neutral. Opt for a handheld here.
  4. You can go hands free with a crossbody bag. Try something in a print or soft pastel to usher in warmer temps.
  5. Lady-like structured satchels, embellished or colorblock, are always welcome.

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Bag for Your Buck: 15 More Handbags that Look Way More Expensive Than They Actually Are

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Aloha, everybody! Today, we are going to go through some of the newest handbags Chanel has in store for all of us. Take a peek at the exciting new arm candies available in stores now!


Is this pretty, quilted purse your next best friend? Well, we couldn’t say more. The intricate pattern on gold hardware is spectacular, and a sight to behold! This pretty piece is perfect for casual wear, as well as special events where a great clutch is essential.


At this point, tweed and houndstooth stand behind the background as this chained darling emerges. Navy blue looks good on anybody.


Is this whimsical tweed bag a yay or a nay? Comment below and share us your thoughts!


Not all that glitters is gold…well, you’ve got to learn. Then again, these wonderful gold clutches and accessories are too hard to resist.


And again, another look at the bejeweled wonders of Chanel. Doesn’t it look much better served to you on a silver tray? Thought so, too.


The self-confessed Boho chic girl will love this amazing bejeweled wallet-on-chain. The contrast of bold colors come together beautifully. What can you say about these new designs Chanel has to offer?

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A Closer Look At Dior Fall Winter 2015 Handbags

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You see, we love designer bags; we love the Be Dior Shoulder Bag. When we spotted this bag over here, in brown and dotted with large chocolate color, we didn’t know what we saw. Perhaps the large size of the Be Dior Shoulder Bag?

Compared the Be Dior Bag, this large size is a bit slouchy. It features a large front flap while the original Be Dior Bag (the one we now) is only half the size. The handles are also somewhat larger and curvier. Yes, we think it’s the Large Be Dior Shoulder Bag.

So what is your opinion?


And as expected the Diorama Flap Bags is reintroduced for the Fall Winter 2015 Collection in new colors and prints. I love the plain white version and it reminds me of the […] (fill in the blank). It comes with silver chain, which makes the bag feel so clean and neat. But do you dare to wear bags that are so-white?

Another Diorama Bag that will be available soon is going to be in shiny green. The most notable is the closure on the front flap, which looks like a badge.




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Chanel Handbags Take Your Breath All the Time!

Someone once said,every woman,in her life, must have a Chanel handbags.The new handbags style of every season becomes the dream of women all over the world.Karl Laferfeld is not a genius of design,but absolutely is a genius of business.For the understanding of the public preferences, but he also has a remarkable talent.Chanel has released many kinds of handbags.Each handbag will be getting popular and popular.Besides, more and more Chanel handbags outlet appear so as to bring convenience to the public.


We often hear that a superstar carries Chanel handbag to attend a party or a big fashion even.Yes, Chanel handbags are quite expensive for most people to purchasing.Even though people keep trying to live a high-quality life,for some people, Chanel is also a dream for them.Replica Chanel outlet sell imitation Chanel products such as replica Chanel bags.Theses products are almost the same as the originals.The most important is that these products are quite cheap.By this way,you can buy your dreaming Chanel handbag with low price.

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Why Chanel Le Boy Handbags are So Charming?

People always say”Smell to know women”.In fact, handbags that women carry them everyday also can be a marker, from handbags to women.If the bag is elegant and generous, then its host will be good-behaving and good-tasting.Chanel, as a representative in luxury world,its symbolic le boy handbag has become the favorite of the high-class women.Even replica Chanel bags le boy are generally accepted by most people.This le boy handbag seems quite common,what exactly charm it has ?

Rhombus type of Chanel le boy handbags is just rotated to 45 degree from Squared type, but it is entirely different in vision.It is concise and has the lingering charm on eyes.At the same time, designers can put some flowers or beads on the crossing of rhombus,which makes this bag alive and pretty.Many Chanel handbags outlet are showing up in the market.People have lots of ways to purchase Chanel handbags.For those people who are not capable of purchasing the real Chanel handbagsreplica Chanel outlet will give a hand on it.

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