Marc by Marc Jacobs Alice in Wonderland Slim Zippy Wallet

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Alice in Wonderland Wallet Purse

It was only a matter of time before Marc Jacobs and the design team jumped on the Disney cartoon inspired handbag trend that so many other designers are doing (ie Olympia Le-Tan). What I love though is how Marc Jacobs manages to put his own unique spin in the design. Take a look at this 
Marc by Marc Jacobs Alice Two Way Slim Zippy Wallet and tell me what you see. The simple foil-print sketch looks vaguely familiar, doesn’t it?

The sketch is from an iconic Disney film. Which one is not immediately apparent though. The name of this wallet, however, gives it away. The sketch is from Alice in Wonderland! If you remember, when Alice falls down the rabbit hole, her skirt opens like a parachute and she floats for some time. Briefly, she glances down toward her feet and this is what you’re seeing when you look at this sketch. The rest of the wallet is pretty mundane, with a traditional zip-around style and plenty of card slots. I love the “This Way” zipper pulls shaped like arrows. And the “Singing Rose” color isn’t too bad either! Also available in black.
Marc Jacobs Alice in Wonderland Two Way Slim Zippy Wallet Bag
The Marc by Marc Jacobs Alice in Wonderland Two Way Slim Zippy Wallet is available 
here at SHOPBOP, Retails for $228

Alice in Wonderland Marc by Marc Jacobs bags
View the whole collection of Alice in Wonderland Marc by Marc Jacobs bags here at ShopBop. There are so many limited edition Marc Jacobs x Disney® capsule collaboration pieces!

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Saint Laurent Small Monogram Saint Laurent Envelope Wallet

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No, nothing new here, it’s just Saint Laurent’s Small Monogram Saint Laurent Envelope Wallet that has been around for a while. You know, the compact flapped wallet that’s great for days when you don’t want to carry much, with just 4 card slots and a main compartment for say, folded cash or receipts you need to hang on to.

What’s new (and so pretty) are the new colours it comes in, from Light Blue, Lipstick Fuchsia and Light Pink (top to bottom) that are now available in stores across Singapore.  Measuring just 13.5 cm by 9.5 cm, these 100% calf leather lovelies might just be the thing to perk up the interior of your drab work bag and bring a smile to your face when the going gets tough.

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Attention please, presenting another Wallet with Chain for the Cruise 2016 Collection.

We have followed Chanel for quite a while, and some bags are one-time only and will never come back again in the future Collection. These two-tone Wallet with Chains are one of them.

READ: Chanel Two-tone Wallet on Chain

If you’ve fallen in love with this bag, we fully understand. It’s perfect for the evenings – this is the final piece to match your favorite dress. The Wallet on Chain has a vintage appeal, especially in the unique mix of color – grey and burgundy.

The chain can be removed so that the bag can be changed into a clutch bag. The interior comes with a small red pouch, which is really cute. You will also love the back pocket to store your instant-essentials. Measuring 4.7’ x 7.5’ x 1.2’ inches, style code A81025, priced at €1670 euro.




The flap wallet is measured 4.1’ x 7.7’ x 1.2’ inches, style code: A81024, priced at €880 euro.


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Classic may be conventional but days like this call for extraordinary and unique – and here’s presenting the Louis Vuitton Tribal Mask Chain Wallet. The inspiring petite and structured wallet entails 16 credit card slots in the interior, a generously sized coin pocket and a large compartment for your $100 bills and cellphone. A beautiful golden chain completes the look of the chic bag.

The $1,910 piece is available in a range of stunning colours, and is specially crafted with monogram vernis leather. There is also an inside flat pocket, measuring 7.5’ x 4.7’ x 1.6’ inches.


As a breath of fresh air, a fewer selection of bags are now following the conventional colours and styles. Therefore, Louis Vuitton’s accessories team has let Vuitton’s ultra-recognizable materials and shapes speak for themselves.

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Chanel Boy Chevron Wallet On Chain

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By now you must have already noticed.

At the Chanel corner, the Chevron prints are trending. Chevron there and there, it’s everywhere.

Chanel even melted the Classic Flap Bag with the Chevron prints and the results? A series of gorgeous handbags in extra mini, mini, medium and even jumbo sizes.

And now we want to share with you another new bag, it’s the Chanel Boy Chevron Wallet On Chain Bag.

If you’re hunting for a WOC, this is your chance. A seasonal piece of Boy mixed with Chevron doesn’t come too often. It’s a new piece that once you’ve bought it, it’s forever yours.

Designed also in black, embellished with the iconic Boy Clasp and the look of a timeless bag.

If you look at it in a different way, this bag is actually the Chevron Classic Flap Bag but in the miniature size. It’s perfect for the evenings and when you’re out and about.

Crafted from calfskin, the beautiful chain can be removed. This bag is a perfect example of two in one pack, it also come with an internal ‘chevron pouch bag’ which can also be used as a small wallet.

Measuring 4.8’ x 7.5’ x 1.9’ inches, style code is A80546.


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Celine Large Zipped Wallet

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So, you’ve a beautiful bag.


But how perfect is your designer bag without a matching wallet?

It’s not really complete, is it?

At BRAGMYBAG, we occasionally present designer wallets, that are, absolutely to-die-for. And today we want to introduce the Celine Large Zipped Wallet from the Summer 2015 Collection.

You see, for accessories that are ‘authentic’ (we mean – designed with the brand’s characteristics), you can find them at Celine. Never will you be able to point your finger at a Celine bag and say: ‘that looks similar to….’


Celine bags are clean and minimalistic, and no matter whether they are classics or seasonal. You won’t find them anywhere in the world.

Perhaps the Celine Large Zipped Wallet looks simple, but that’s the idea. If we take our time and dive into the details, like the craftsmanship and the quality of the leathers, we will find that’s definitely worth our investment.

This wallet is available in drummed calfskin or in goatskin leathers. The colors are Praline, Alizarin, Light Rose and White. It’s embellished with a tiny elegant Celine signature on the front.

We know you will love this, measuring 7’ x 4’ inches, priced at €470 euro via Celine boutique.

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